When you skip down your own path, amazing things happen!Following your own path is probably the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do for your business that speaks your authentic truth.

I’m talking about what sets you apart from everyone else. The things that YOU do that make YOUR business YOUR OWN and not a cookie cutter, watered down version of your mentor’s, your coach’s, or your mastermind’s businesses.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s very important to have guidance and have a place that you can bounce stuff off people to help you. But you need to remember that what works for them and their business may not be the perfect fit for you and your business.

One of the biggest things I see a lot of is when someone changes everything about their website based on what their coach or mentor suggests when that coach or mentor is NOT a web designer, graphic designer or not even very knowledgeable about specific platforms like WordPress other than creating a page or post. There is the rare occasion that they may be, but usually not.

Then there’s the stress of having a theme you hate, colors that don’t resonate, and a website that is no longer yours nor a website that speaks your authentic truth. It speaks your coach or mentor’s authentic truth, but not yours.

This sucks and then your business suffers.

This goes for the systems you have in place in your business, how you plan out your year, what you do with your clients and so many other things in your business.

Are you running your business and blogsite in YOUR authentic truth? Or does it fit the perfect little cookie cutter, watered down version of your coach or mentor’s business and blogsite?

Are your clients YOUR ideal clients or your mentor’s ideal clients?

How many times have you declined opportunities that made your heart sing and your soul swoon because it didn’t fit in that cozy little copycat model of someone else’s ideal business? You know what I’m talking about, too.

Again, don’t get me wrong! Coaches, mentors and masterminds are so needed, whether we think so or not. We need that guidance, that advice and that support. But sometimes what works for someone else, really does not work for you or for me. And it means you truly aren’t following your own path. You’re wandering down someone else’s path. And missing out on some pretty amazing stuff!

Be honest with your intentions, with what you want and what your vision is for your blogsite and your business. Be honest about what your dreams are and where you want to go with those dreams. When you are clear about your intentions and what you want for your blogsite and business, it will be easier for you to know whether suggestions or advice from others, no matter who they are or how much you are paying them, fits your authentic truth.

When you are following your own path and speaking your authentic truth, it’s amazing how things start to fall into place!

Something I’ve learned on my path is that when you are ready, the right teacher will show up. And that right teacher,  or teachers, will not try to mold you into their likeness but will help lift you, and encourage you to bloom and shine brighter with your gifts.

Have you found yourself skipping down others’ paths when it comes to your business? How did you transition yourself to following your own path?

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Sending lots of hugs & luvs! Gypsy

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