Gypsy's Comment Policy

Follow the RULES and your comment won't be deleted 😀

I love comments! But I do have a few guidelines. It keeps things friendly and simple. No fuss, no muss. — Honestly, I have NO idea what that even means! LOLz

Moderation, Editing & Spam

  • All 1st time commenters and any comments with more than 2 links are moderated.
  • Editing to comments will happen if there is a really bad grammatical or obvious spelling error. It may or may not be noted in the comment if I had to edit it for grammar and spelling.
  • All comments are filtered through G.A.S.P. and Akismet.
  • Any and all obvious spammers will be blocked by IP addresses. — I love WP!

Language and Behavior

  • No Flaming and NO Bullying! ~ If you don’t like what I said or what one of my commenters said, that is fine. But don’t be rude. Be constructive. If you can’t be nice, then move on. If you break this rule, I will block you! Bullying and flaming are NOT tolerated in ANY circumstance on Blogging with Gypsy!
  • Please watch your language. I have filters set up for certain words — yep, the “eff” bomb is one. If you type it and send it, I’ll know it. I may leave it, edit it out, or could possibly delete it. It really depends on the context and what words you use.
  • Please use a translator when ever possible, if English is not your native language. Sadly, I am not bilingual, and I really would like to see what my international friends are saying on my blog! Thanks in advance! <3

Linking in your comment

  • Again, all comments with more than 2 links are moderated.
  • Links to other sites are accepted in comments, as long as they are relevant to the subject at hand. If they are spammy or not relevant, they will be deleted from the comment. And I will not note the comment of deletion either.
  • Signatures are allowed in comments. Please keep it to 2 lines. Any signatures longer than 2 lines will be deleted below the 2nd line. If you are a repeat offender, please be aware that I may block you from commenting.

Real Names and Email Addresses

  • Comments must have a name and email address. Key words are not names. And your comment will be spammed. — I love my CommentLuv Premium plugin!
  • You may subscribe to comments and new posts if you like in the check boxes below the comment.
  • I do not use any emails in the comments for any purpose other than if you subscribe to follow-up comments or want to be notified of new posts or for clarification before I publish your comment. If you want to be added to our mailing list, please use the “Subscribe” box on the home page 😉

Republishing Comments

  • I reserve the right to republish any comment left on Blogging with Gypsy. Please note, I will only use your name and website link, if available.

It is my right to change this policy at any time, for any reason. So please check back every once in a while. Especially if your comment does not show up. If you have any concerns, please use the contact form to send me note! I promise to get back to you within 24 hours 😉

** I am giving credit to Michelle Shaeffer for helping me put this comment policy together. **

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