Hey there, I'm Gypsy LoSavio!
Hey there! I'm Kimberly LoSavio, the Sassy Spark behind Blogging with Gypsy.

I’m Kimberly LoSavio!

Recovering Perfectionist, Destroyer of Doormat-itis, Guardian of Velvet Ropes & the sassy spark behind Blogging with Gypsy!

Ultimately, I help Creative SoloPreneurs create an online presence that expresses their unique gifts so their great work can be shared with the world while supporting the life they deserve!

What I Do

I help solopreneurs who are fed up with their outdated online presence come to the dynamic age of WordPress. This includes WP installs & setups, Theme and Plugin installs and setups, and blogsite customization. I provide ongoing WordPress maintenance that makes sure the WordPress core, themes and plugins are all up to date and running smoothly.

Blogsite Care Packages

Blogsite Care is like self-care for your blogsite. Let’s keep your WordPress, themes and plugins updated and your site happy!

WordPress, Themes & Plugins

Installations, setups and customizations. Hosting suggestions. Blogsite planning & consulting.

Trainings & Workshops

DIY Trainings, Self Study Courses and Virtual Workshops, Oh My! Want me to teach something? Shoot me some suggestions!

WordPress & Blogsite Q & A

I need questions to answer 😀 The FAQ is being created. Post your questions on FB. Oh and look for Periscope announcements, too :mrgreen:

A Little Bit About Me!

Hey there! I'm Kimberly LoSavio ~ the sassy spark behind Blogging with Gypsy!I’m a mom and Nana who LOVES writing, reading, sewing, crafting, and has serious nerdgasms over all things TARDIS/Dr. Who #4, Agent Coulson & the rest of the Marvel Universe, Star Wars … Oh and I really want to be Lily Tomlin when I grow up!

I’m the owner & founder of Blogging with Gypsy and Gypsy Rose Treasures. I’m your friendly coffee guzzling, MomPreneur with a passion for Magickal Crafting, sewing, artsy-fartsy crafting, writing, scrapbooking and web & graphic design. I also have a serious obsession with WordPress! I’ve been designing websites for 15+ years, working exclusively with WordPress for 5+ years as a blogging and website platform, who has been bamboozled along my path into spending money I haven’t needed to, using programs that drove me nuts, and dealt with smarmy so-called web developers who prey on others “lack” of knowledge when it comes to their websites and businesses.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons along my journey to this point. Taking those lessons and that knowledge to help other crafty entrepreneurs build a space online that reflects their authentic self so they can build their dream is one way that I can ensure that what happened to me will not happen to others.

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