Hey there, I'm Gypsy LoSavio!
Hey there! I'm Kimberly LoSavio, the Sassy Spark behind Blogging with Gypsy.

I’m Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio!

Destroyer of Doormat-itis, Guardian of Velvet Ropes, Recovering Perfectionist & the sassy spark behind Blogging with Gypsy!

Ultimately, I help SoulFull, Creative Women create an online presence that expresses their unique gifts so their great work can be shared with the world while supporting the life they deserve!

What I Do

I have a blog about blogging.

I share all kinds of goodies about blogging, WordPress, tips and tricks about planning ahead, DIY how-to’s and tutorials, my favorite resources, and anything else that will help ease the overwhelm and stress of running a website or blog.

I mentor, teach, coach [insert whatever word you choose] women how to be more consistent with their blogging, creating a plan that fits both their life and business schedules.

I help create a dynamic space on the interwebz for creative women who aren’t doing anything with their blog because they hate their website. And when you aren’t doing anything, you aren’t creating an income or bringing traffic to your site, are you?

A Little Bit About Me!

Hey there! I'm Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio ~ the sassy spark behind Blogging with Gypsy, my blog about blogging!I’m a newly single mom to a beautiful autistic Master Beastie who LOVES writing, reading, sewing, crafting, and has serious nerdgasms over all things TARDIS, Classic Dr. Who (Tom Baker was my first Doctor and my forever Favorite), the Marvel Universe, old school Star Wars … Oh and I really want to be Lily Tomlin when I grow up!

am the sassy spark behind Blogging with Gypsy and one woman show behind Gypsy Rose Treasures. I’m your friendly coffee guzzling, MomPreneur with a passion for Magickal Crafting, sewing, artsy-fartsy crafting, writing, scrapbooking and web & graphic design.

I have a serious obsession with WordPress! I’ve been designing websites since 2000, working exclusively with WordPress as a blogging and website platform and Elegant Theme’s flagship theme Divi since 2011. I’ve been bamboozled along my path into spending money I haven’t needed to, using programs that drove me nuts, and dealt with smarmy, so-called web developers who prey on others “lack” of knowledge when it comes to their websites and businesses.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons along my journey to this point. Taking those lessons and that knowledge to help other soulfull, creative women build a space online that reflects their authentic self so they can build their dream is one way that I can ensure that what happened to me will not happen to others.

Wanna know what my “new” normal looks like? You can follow me on Instagram!

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