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Blogging with Gypsy ~ WordPress and Blogsite Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

Things you need to know before you hit the “Add to Cart” button.

Respect of my time, being mindful that I do have other clients as well as other projects and deadlines, and having open communication is among my list of expectations of all my blogsite creation clients. IF this is not something you can do or understand, I ask that you do not waste my time or yours.

If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form on my Contact page. You can also catch me on my FB Page.

Do you have a Return policy?

Due to the nature of most services and all digital products on Blogging with Gypsy, I do not offer refunds. Just as you wouldn’t expect a plumber to refund you after fixing a leak, I cannot turn back time and reverse the time spent working with you on some of these services or get back the digital product you already downloaded.

Like any other investment or purchase you make, make sure you can afford it and that you fully intend to follow through with the schedule and action plan we create during our session together.

Blogsite Creation Being the EXCEPTION To the RULE – See below

With that being said, I do offer a 7 Day grace period from initial payment being received, NOT after our initial consultation call. This grace period gives you the opportunity to think about our consultation. Which is why it is imperative that the Consultation call be scheduled quickly after payment is received!

If you decide that this is not a good fit for you or you don’t feel you can comply with my expectations, your payment minus $175 for the initial consultation call, will be refunded back to you. Payment, however, will not be refunded AFTER the 7 day grace period.

*** Why minus the $175? Because that my consultation fee. Also, in the Blogsite Creation Contract and Welcome Package that gets sent out when payment is received. All Transparent. No surprises.

Why won't you use GoDaddy hosting service?

ALL Blogsite Projects are hosted with SiteGround. I do not work with the following hosting services: GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost, or any other EIG owned hosting service. You can find out more information about why here.

I do offer a Hosting and Domain change service – see A La Carte options below.

I have been with Siteground since 2015. They know WordPress. Hosting is not an expense I skimp on. It’s the foundation of my home online. They are worth the premium cost to keep the foundational gears going. If you want to skimp, then I’m not the designer for you.

What theme do you use?

ALL Blogsite Creation Projects are created with the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes. It’s an incredibly customizable robust theme that I’ve been using exclusively since 2012. I install Divi and create a separate child theme to make all the customizations, creating a blogsite totally unique to your needs and wants.

Please note that blogsite maintenance (WordPress core, plugins and theme updates) is a separate fee that you can find in A La Carte options below.

If this isn’t a theme you want, I’m not the Designer for you.

What is your Payment Policy?

You have the option to pay in full or do the Initial setup fee & down payment option with remaining amount due in 30 days (this option does have restrictions). See the Blogsite Creation Option below.

This second option is different with each package option. The Consultation call must be scheduled within 24 hours of payment being received, with the actual call scheduled within 4 days of payment received.

All this, and everything else including the Blogsite Creation Agreement, will addressed and discussed in the initial blogsite consultation once initial Payment is received. Again, our consultation call must be set up within 24 hours of payment being received.

Do you have a Non-Communication Policy?

Yes, I have a STRICT 14 day non-communication policy that results in a $250 Cancellation/Abandonment fee. This means if you don’t contact me or respond to my emails within 14 days, in order for me to continue with your project, you will be charged $250, invoiced and due immediately before I continue on your project. This is in place to keep you, the Client, active and accountable with your project. This also enforces consistent open communication.

This is part of the Blogsite Creation Contract that is signed. But I like to be transparent 😀

Do you offer copywriting and editing services?
  • ALL content and images NEED to be provided by client.
  • All content and images need to be edited and site ready.
  • Any content not provided will be filled with dummy content until Client provides their content and images.
  • I do not provide ANY copywriting of any sort.
  • I do not edit content for clients.
  • I do not provide blog post uploading or editing.
  • I do not add images to blog posts.
What are your image editing fees?

My hourly rate for custom graphics and image editing is $300, billed and due separately from the Blogsite Creation Agreement before requested images are handed over and added to the site.  I do not offer packages — just a straight $300 an hour, with a 2-hour minimum paid up front. See the A La Carte List below.

This includes custom icons, logos, and any image editing that needs to be done to make images and graphics site ready if they are not already done so when they are sent to me.

What is the turn around rate from beginning to end of website/blogsite creation?

All blogsite creations usually have a 45 to 60 day turn around depending on the package chosen by the Client. It is also totally dependent on the Client providing ALL content and images needed in a timely manner to complete their sites, as per the Blogsite Creation Agreement signed at the start of the project.

How many actual hours does it take to create the blogsites?

The average amount of hours put into each blogsite project is about 45 hours, with the exception of the Business Platinum package and Full Custom Site Rebuilds. They run between 72 and 100 hours – or more, depending on what the client needs.

Blogging with Gypsy ~ WordPress and Blogsite Consulting

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