Maawwm!?!?!? Why do these Plugins SUCK?!?Today I am sharing with you some WordPress plugin disappointments I’ve experienced over the past several months.

It’s more disheartening for me, I think, because I was riding that “OMG this is THE greatest plugin ever” excitement wave with others I trust, adore and / or love to death.

I DID love these plugins and they were absolutely fabulous. They were great recommendations, too.

But now … they SUCK!

Plugin Disappointments #1 ~ GoCodes

This is a simple and basic little plugin that redirects any link you want to name. In other words, it is extremely helpful with turning your affiliate links into something a little more pleasing to the eye.

For example: is now

The plugin still works, despite that it hasn’t been updated in about 2 years. It’s so outdated, that no longer has it in its plugin depository.  If you want to learn more about GoCodes, you must visit the main website at Thought there are better options out there that actually updated 😉

My Solution to Disappointment #1 ~ Pretty Link Lite

Pretty Link Lite is in the plugin depository ~

Like GoCodes, you can track your link and also add a redirect name after your domain.

What makes Pretty Link Lite BETTER than GoCodes is that you can choose whether the link is permanent (301) or temporary (307), you can make each individual link follow or nofollow, you can create groups for your links, and you can enable parameter forwarding for each link as well. You also do not need to include a URL Trigger, which makes the URL even shorter.

Oh … wait … and Pretty Link Lite was last updated November 9th, 2012 — a week and half ago from today. Woot! I love when the developers care about their plugins and keep them updated 😉

There is a premium version with so many more options as well. You can visit to get more information 😉 Yep … Pretty Link in motion 😀

Plugin Disappointments #2 ~ Tweet Old Post

The Tweet Old Post plugin allows you to basically tweet posts older than 30 days into Twitter. You can customize the hours apart and how many tweets go out. This plugin worked fabulous in version 3.3.0 — then was updated and updated and updated … you get the picture here. But in the processes of  updating and fixing issues, the plugin broke.

Even with the last update on October 7th, 2012, it stopped sending tweets out automatically. And when I had to reset the authorization, it would not authorize. Essentially it was broke and I could not fix it.

What’s worse? The support forum on for this plugin ( is full of unresolved topics — mainly “does not work”.  And the developer has not been commenting or even attempting to fix the latest issues. I know this, because my topic has not been resolved yet about automatic tweets not working.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that this is a free plugin. But if the developer cannot at least address the issues, then needs to pull it.

Needless to say, I was very disappointed because I loved this plugin when it worked. It kept my Twitter busy! Which is what the purpose is for this particular plugin, right???

Solution to Disappointment #2 ~ Tweetily

Enter Tweetily ~ — last update Nov. 13, 2012.

And guess what?!?!?! It works! As soon as I uploaded and activated this plugin, it authorized on the first try. WHAT?!?!?!?! I was so giddy, I thought I was going to pee myself! Seriously!

Flavio Martins took the Tweet Old Post code and FIXED it, built it stronger, and made it WORK! YAY! And now my Twitter looks busy again 😀

Plugin Disappointments #3 ~ WP Pinner

This plugin is Pinterest Deliciousness in code for your blogsite! Seriously!

The website’s description: “WP Pinner is a WordPress plugin to manage your Pinterest account. With this plugin you can easily auto-pin WordPress postsschedule your pins throughout the day, auto-follow users to get noted and keep track of your account (CTR, clicks, likes, repins, reach, etc). This will definitely help you to get more out of your Pinterest efforts!”

Right in your dashboard, where you create your post, you tick the box to Post on Publish, pick the board to publish it to, add the description and choose the image you want to pin. In the plugin settings you have it set up directly to the post itself or the domain. I always have it set directly to the post itself.

This is the GREATEST Pinterest plugin in EVER!!!!

Well, that is until Pinterest changed their authorization coding — at least according to the last email I received from the developers in October. So now the plugin is essentially broke. I cannot check my Pins, Stats or Logs — they go to a 404 error page 🙁 And even if I have the “Post on Publish” box ticked, nothing happens. The plugin is dead in the water.

No updates to the blog — last post was June 25th. No direct contact form available or any links at all except for the privacy policy on the website. And 2 emails and several direct Twitter messages later with no response, I’m forced to accept that this plugin just isn’t going to get fixed any time soon 🙁

Solution to Disappointment #3 ~ CRY … there is no solution! 🙁

Well, there is a solution. I am back to manually posting to Pinterest.

And I’m really sad as I LOVE LOVE LOVE this plugin! It’s fabulous and yummy!

So there it is … My WordPress plugin disappointments.

Now it’s your turn! What’s been your experience with these plugins? And, if they are not working for you either, what was your solution?

Please click here to share your thoughts.

** photo credit: MOI — this is my oldest daughter Kelly! I just love this photo and HAD to use it! LOLz **

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