WordPress 4.0 ~ "Benny"

Yep! 4.0 is here! YAY!

What comes with it? Well, let me tell you!

  • You can manage your media easier! Yep – there are some things I like infinite scroll for, and this is one of them!! And you can actually watch videos right in the Media Library 😀
  • When you are using the editor, the editing tools stay at the top. This means NO MORE SCROLLING BACK AND FORTH! That’s in caps because I am uber excited about that! I’m so tired of have to scroll back up to bold or center or change my headers. GAH! But this is a fantabulous fix!
  • Adding and finding plugins got a freshen up! Much more visual and you can even read reviews right in your dashboard now. One less tab I have to open when I’m working 😀
  •  Last but not least, working with embed codes and short codes is a lot easier and you can see the videos right in the editor instead of having to check the preview first 😀 These are the main 4 new things. Learn more about them in the video from WordPress.Org below.

And here’s a really cool infographic from Cloudways.


I am super stoked with the new updates. And I’m looking forward to the even bigger and better updates in the future!!

What do you think about the new WP 4.0?

Please click here to share your thoughts.


Bright Blessings! Gypsy

PS ~ DON’T forget to update your WordPress Core! You’ve heard it from me before! Keeping your site updated to the latest version of WordPress is one of the ways that help keep your blogsite secure. It’s okay to wait a week or two, sometimes a month, MAYBE. But I suggest getting updated as soon as possible!

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