wordpress-heart-logoYes, WordPress 3.6 IS here!

And it broke my website! UGH!!!

I waited until today to update. Thought I was being clever. [Insert first facepalm.]

Sat down to write a new post about how jazzed I am about the new 3.6 version. Got my title. I fixed the permalink. Then tried to type the post.



Okay, so I thought it was just my computer being wonky so I refreshed the page.


Frustration has now set in. Oh and here’s an extra added visual! Ready?

My 2-year-old has gotten in the habit of taking off his clothes and his diaper all stealthy and sneaky like. [Insert SECOND facepalm.] And I cannot blame Mercury Retrograde for this because it’s “moving forward” again. UGH!!!

Forty-five (45) minutes later (and 2 diaper fixes), I’ve found no working fix in the WordPress forums that is helping me. I still cannot use the text editor.


[Insert THIRD facepalm.] Duh! What do they always tell you to do in the forums? You know, that snarky and rude mod named “Esmi”? Yeah, you know who I’m talking about, don’t you?

Anyhow, refresh your cache [stop attempt #3 of taking off diaper] and deactivate all your plugins.

You’re gonna love this one! [Yep insert facepalm #4] — I deactivated each plugin … one at a time … yep! This dumbass didn’t even think of using the “bulk actions” drop down at the top because she was too busy being frustrated by the fact that she spent almost an hour looking for a fix AND keeping Bubby from taking off his clothes and his diaper!

So another 30 minutes or so and now I am plugin-less with a working text editor!

YAY!!!! [Insert clapping hands, huge smile, and dance around the livingroom with nekkid bay-bay!] (nice visual, huh?? LOLz)

I put on a new diaper and redressed my little booger boy. Then I gave him some grapes to keep his attention AWAY from his exhibitionist desires. Crazy kid!

First plugin activated! YAY!

Second plugin activated! YAY!

Third plugin activated — BOO! At the same time YAY!

Using the “bulk action” dropdown, I activated all the other plugins and my editor is working just fine. Obviously! I am typing this post right now!

I’m excited about the new WordPress 3.6 and I am itching to play around with the new Twenty-Thirteen theme.  But for now, since it took so long to put my site back to working order, I shall wait until tomorrow to play!

Lessons I learned:

  1. NEVER expect things to work the first time, but be happy and grateful if they do work on the first try!
  2. Keeping your WordPress install and ALL your plugins and themes up-to-date is IMPORTANT! No matter what! (I know this, I just am repeating and reminding.)
  3. If your site breaks after updating your WordPress install, refresh your computer’s cache and deactivate ALL your plugins using the “bulk action” option. Then reactivate each plugin one at a time. (Save panic mode for IF this does not work LOLz)
  4. Add duct tape to the shopping list! I think that is the ONLY thing that will keep Bubby from taking off his diaper. [Insert facepalm #5 haha]
  5. There’s always something funny in stories like these! I hope you enjoyed my adventure!

What are your thoughts about WordPress 3.6 and the new Twenty-Thirteen theme?

Click here to share your thoughts.

Luvs, Hugs & Snooches! Gypsy

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