Como Park Zoo and Conservatory St Paul MinnesotaComo Park Zoo and Conservatory was a huge part of growing up in Minnesota for me and my brother.

And it was so much fun bringing my own children when they were little.

Now that we have William, I am finding myself missing Minnesota even more.

Mostly because of  all the wonderful things we can do with him there that Spokane just does not have.

Como Zoo is one of those places!

Just recently I discovered that they have their own YouTube channel! I love watching what is going on and getting caught up on the new exhibits they have.

I am going to share one now about the new Gorilla exhibit they are building that will be done in 2013.

Other places I miss are the Children’s Museum, the Science Museum, the Walker Art Center, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts! All these places just make me home sick.

I told Sean that my goal is to be able to bring William to Minnesota twice a year — in the spring and late August. He has to have the MN State Fair experience! It’s a MUST!

Are you a transplant in another city or town and sometimes miss your “home” state? What do you miss most?

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