Please pardon our appearance while under construction.Yep, it’s that time again! The site is under reconstruction … Again!

Yes, I know! But it has to be done. LOL

Recently I had to deal with some issues with my LONG TIME hosting service that took over 2 weeks to get fixed, sorted and working. All while I was trying to begin the daunting migrating process of moving to the new domain. o.O


Needless to say it has not happened yet. Oh and on top of that, the theme I am currently using decided to do a full on reconstruction which has forced me to have to reconfigure my stylesheet. Hence that crappy mess you are seeing today (May 21, 2013).

So, please pardon the appearances while Blogging with Gypsy is under reconstruction.

I am happy to say that my hosting service is working much, much better AND they offered me a “please do not leave” upgrade that I am happy to say that so far have kept the server issues at bay. YAY!

What’s coming up for Blogging with Gypsy?

So glad you asked!

We’ve had some pretty crazy things happening on the family side of things. Stay tuned for a special announcement about that next week. Sorry, can’t be helped and it’s not by my choice. LOL

The blogsite will be migrated to the new domain within the next few weeks. I am customizing a new theme, testing different and better plugins and working on an improved header/logo.

Oh and I’ve totally gone off my rocker! We are starting a WordPress Enthusiasts meetup here in Spokane because there are no WordPress meetups here in Spokane even though we have a large development community. “We” as in ME (scared out of my mind) but I have a couple of friends who are going to be my moral support — that’s for another post (scheduled for Friday). But I’m excited at the same time and wanted to share!

Lots of other fun stuff going on. So stay tuned!

What’s coming up with you? I’d love for you to share!

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