Gypsy is calling it quits! She's retiring the Ultimate Blogsite Planning Resource Guide 2.0 - her most popular optin gift.

So, why am I retiring the Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide?

I think starting at it’s inception is a good place to start. The original blogging planning guide was created in July of 2012 out of necessity. There wasn’t a planner or even printables out there that had everything I needed. So, being the Creative Virgo that I am, I created my own printables.

I wanted everything in one place so, ultimately I chose a 3-ring binder for my planner and printables. I could braindump goals, intentions, projects, blog post ideas and newsletter ideas all in one place.

This helped me stay on task and have one place to track everything that is important to me.

Of course, after being updated twice, going from boring blogging planning guide to the Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide 2.0, I think it’s more fabulous today than it was when I first shared it to the World in September 2012.

So why retire the Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide?

I don’t feel it shines on my areas of expertise, what I’m good at … what I know.

I have 16+ years of experience both in website and graphic design, mostly self-taught with 1 year of formal training and a Web Design Certificate to boot. I have 8+ years experience with self-hosted WordPress sites and 6+ years using it exclusively for myself and my clients.

I help more people with WordPress, blogging, and their blogsites than I do helping them with their newsletters, social media and goal planning. Just because I know best practices for all 3 of those things, they are not my areas of expertise.

I’m leaving money on the table, so to speak, because I have to turn away people who want me to help them with their marketing, get on the first page of Google, increase their email open rate, or get better ROI on their programs and services.

I’m flattered they think I can do that for them just by what they read in the Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide, but I’m baffled where they get the assumption that I’m an expert in those areas or that I can help them with the things mentioned above because there is absolutely no mention of ROI, open rates, SEO, marketing, or anything of the sort.

And the “Yeah, but…” really brings out the snarky sass in me. So I’m saving myself the headache.

I put a ginormous amount of tears, time, frustrations and sleepless nights only to have it forked by someone else.

Forked is a coder-geek term which basically means someone took someone else’s coding and either tweaked it or fixed it or made it better. But there is good forking and bad forking.

Good forking is when coder-geek says “Hey, here’s my shit, if you can make it better, fix it, do whatever you want with it, have at it!” and someone else comes along and says “Sweet!” And they usually give credit where credit it due.

Bad forking is when someone else takes coder-geek’s shit, tweaks it to fit their own agenda, gives no credit to anyone else and acts like they magically came up with the idea all on their own.

And I have to tell ya — there’s nothing like getting knocked off your Happy Dance of Excitement about creating something that people like, only to find out someone else is using part of or all of your content and magically claiming they thought the idea up all on their own.

And worse!?! Having some of that person’s so-called “followers” send you messages accusing you of stealing that person’s stuff. ARE YOU #&%$ING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!

So, it doesn’t matter how much I update, tweak and make MY Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide better, I have that nasty taste in my mouth. Not only of being betrayed by someone I trusted but also having to defend myself to nasty troll groupies.

Don’t get me wrong! The nasty trolls were clearly put in their place. I’m a sassy, snarky Bitch who knows how to use stuffing, cloth and pins, remember! But still … it was a nasty blow to my psyche and my self worth.

I’ve forgiven — mostly in terms of letting it go. I’ve distanced myself in most ways possible, left a lot of circles that just didn’t serve while at the same time walked away from a lot of people who no longer served my best interest as well.

But there’s still that nasty taste of being forked … in a bad way.

And it’s harder and harder for me to passionately care about the Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide 2.0 to keep it in my portfolio.

Just because it’s being retired as a whole, doesn’t mean I can’t repurpose MY CONTENT!

Yep! The Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide itself will no longer be available as a freebie, but it’s content is being pieced out, cut up, chopped apart, tweaked, updated, and readied to be shared into the World … REBORN and so much better than before!

All this transforming has brought back my passion to share this information with the World again. And that is what is most important!

So that’s why I am choosing to retire the Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide!

If you have used my Ultimate Blogsite Planning Guide in any of it’s versions, I’d love read your thoughts. If you haven’t gotten it, do so before Feb 29th (2016) then it’s Bye-Bye UBPG!

The Ultimate Blogsite Planning Resource Guide 2.0 has been retired for good!

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