Join Blogging w/ Gypsy in the April 2013 Ultimate Blog ChallengeThe Ultimate Blog Challenge started today, April 1st! No foolin’!

For those that do not know what the UBC is, I will summarize. It’s a month-long blog challenge where you post daily the entire month. So for April, it will be 30 posts. The UBC is quarterly: January (31 posts), April (30), July (31) and October (31). It is hosted by the awesome and amazing Michelle Shaeffer and Michele Scism.

This will be my 8th challenge. I haven’t finished all of them, but that’s okay. I am very proud of the 2 challenges I did finish! I meet new people, connect with old friends, and learn a lot throughout the month.

My Top 5 Reasons for Joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge

  • Connect with other Bloggers ~ I’ve made some good friends over the last couple years that I still am connected with.
  • Build my tribe and community ~ The wonderfully awesome and amazing people I have met along the way have provided and continue to provide support, advice and even opportunities for joint ventures.
  • Be more consistent in my blogging ~ this, sadly, is a sore spot for me lately, but I am hoping to change that with this UBC!
  • Learn new things ~ new gadgets, new techniques, new plugins … I could go on forever!
  • Share with others ~ I discovered that I (ME, right?) have a lot to share with others and help them in some way. This has been quite profound for me on many levels because I’ve never really thought of myself as a “teacher” of anything. I’m pretty proud of this discovery. It sure boosts the confidence, that’s for sure 😀

It’s NOT too late to join!

Visit http://www. to learn more about the challenge and to sign up.

Don’t be shy! And don’t worry if you don’t think you can finish all 30 posts, either. That IS why it’s called a challenge, after all!


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