Tumblr ~ Follow the World's Creators!Tumblr seems to be the next big thing right now, especially among the younger crowd.

It’s like the new Blogger … but more image intensive 😀

It’s not really been something I have been interested in using. But it’s popularity is growing (39 million strong)!

My 20-year-old daughter hangs out there … I’ve seen what she writes and posts. o.O I’ve seen what her friends use it for, too.

So it’s never been something I have even remotely considered.

Tumblr is getting popular enough for Social Media Examiner to take notice. They published a post today about how to use it to connect with customers.

I’m still not totally convinced, but I have decided to set one up. You can visit my page at http://bloggingwithgypsy.tumblr.com/ and follow me.

What will you find? I’m not sure yet … this is adding one more thing to my plate.

However sharing to tumblr is very easy through my awesome SexyBookmarks plugin — yeah, that amazing “Share the Knowledge” social media icons down below. Yep, you will now notice that I have added tumblr to the mix! Woot!

What do you think? Do you already use tumblr? What are your thoughts on SME’s post?

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