To date or not to date your posts .... That is the question!I’m sure you have read or heard a mentor, coach, or even a self proclaimed “guru” talking about whether you should date your posts or not. It’s been an ongoing thing for at least 4 years now. And I believe each side has a valid argument or reason on whether to date or not to date their blog posts.

One of the arguments I keep seeing is that quality content is timeless. Okay, I accept that. There are things that people write about that are timeless. I have a small list below.

Timeless Topics

  • story telling, creative writing
  • food — recipes
  • crafts with step-by-step tutorials that do not involve high-tech gadgets
  • grammar & spelling
  • photographs, art, imagery of some sort
  • clichés (sadly)
  • Chanel #5
  • Vintage tea sets
  • gardening tips
  • classic movies — I’m talking TCM
  • classic cult movies — Steve McQueen in the Blob … Seriously?!
  • antique furniture

My poor brain cannot think of anything beyond the list above.

Maybe it’s just me, but most everything I see, hear and read today is constantly changing, updating, moving, fading out, fading in. Which doesn’t give the vibe of timeless. For instance …

Topics that are NOT TIMELESS

    • Technology — in ALL it’s forms
    • The Web / Internet
    • Events — coming soon or reviews
    • Programming languages
    • software / hardware updates
    • marketing / networking
    • Business
    • Coaching / Teaching /Mentoring
    • social media
    • film industry
    • fashion / decor
    • News media/print
    • politics
    • religions (book or not) — not the concept but the interpretations
    • trends / fads
    • Sales Pitches are time sensitive (Do you know how many people forget to take down those “landing pages” or posts??? Frustrating to say the least.)

Okay! I’m sure you get the picture here.

So — to date or not to date your posts?

Honestly?!?! It doesn’t make a damn difference in the least. Your readers are not morons! All they have to do is scroll down to the comments section of the post and find out how old your post really is. It’s not rocket science, people!

That being said, I will continue to include my dates. I like dates. I like to know when a post has been written. Especially if it concerns anything to do with technology: blogging, designing, plugins, book releases, sales pitches, tips and tricks, software updates, coaching or mentoring methods, events … Again I could go on forever here!!

Again, it’s personal preference!

Here’s my added rant — Do NOT let other people dictate how you create and set up your blogsite. Whether it’s a mentor, a coach or even a negative nellie reader who has never been to your site before and feels the need to bitch about your post being “OLD”. Yes, I’m being bossy! But I am so tired of seeing so many bloggers out there letting other people tell them what to do that they lose their authentic voice and then later they wonder why they aren’t happy with their blogsite.

Always be open to others’ suggestions and advice. But don’t give in just because something works for them. Remember, their path is not the same as yours! Regardless of the subject! And that goes for dating your posts or not on your blog as well!!

What does YOUR heart and soul say about this?

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Bright Blessings! Gypsy

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