Where did my Facebook Likes Go?Where did my Facebook Likes go?

Okay, I’m OCD when it comes to my likes! I know it’s sad, but I admit my shortcomings! LOL

And because of that obsessive nature to continually check the numbers, I found out that my total “likes” did not match the “likes” box on my page o.O


Several weeks ago I was part of an Facebook Power Hour with PJ Van Hulle and List-a-Palooza and OMG my likes went from 85 to 115 — just on that day. AWESOME!!! But the total likes received said 51.

Um … 85 + 51 = 115??? Okay, I realize I graduated from a small town highschool in Minnesota, but I really did have awesome math teachers! LOL

So, where did the other 21 facebook likes go?

Thanks to a tip from the Amazing PJ Van Hulle fromย List-a-Palooza, I figured out the culprit! And, I promise, it’s an easy fix!

When you “like” a page, you want to make sure you are using FB as your profile NOT your page. That is theย ONLYย way “likes” are counted towards the page you are … well … liking.

If you “like” the page as your Page, it only affects the reach. Which, mind you, is something else we are trying to raise. But, quite honestly, I would rather have the “Like” over the “reach” — at least right now ๐Ÿ™‚

This is what I do now: I make sure I am using fb as my profile and like the page. I proceed to switch to using fb as my page and like it again.

Switching is easy. You can use the drop down arrow in the upper right in your profile or page and switch. Easy peasy! Then, I keep using fb as my page and comment on the other pages so when their fans hover over my picture or name, they see my Page and like it right there!

Cool, huh?? I am stoked!

BTW, there is still time to sign up for the last month of List-a-Palooza! If you want to learn more about it, check out my post called How You Can Build a Profitable List to Grow Your Business!

Have any FB tips or list building tactics?

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