Hiring Death to keep up my blog while I was sick was a HUGE mistake! Holy Crapanolli, Batman!! Between a teething one year old and then a nasty viral infection invading our happy household, it’s been a rough couple of weeks here at the LoSavio household!

Blogging with Gypsy sure did take its toll! Who would have thought hiring Death to watch over your blog would turn it into a deadzone?! o.O

Nah! Just kidding! I really didn’t hire Death. But it is a cool photo, right?? I was so excited that I finally got to use it! Woot!

For those that care (my friends), Baby is doing much better ;D He’s cutting in all 4 of his first set of molars … BEFORE his eye teeth of course o.O


I know! I said the same thing. But it seems to be his MO — His teeth are not coming in order like the Baby Manual says! HAHA But he’s much better!

He also got his first cold EVER! Knock on wood it only lasted a few days and it wasn’t near as bad as everyone else around him! He’s got AWESOME genes, that boy does! Or rather a fabulous immune system! YAY!

What are you doing taking a picture of me? I don't feel good!

So over the course of the next few days I am catching up with my 31 Days Blogging Challenge, changing my email list & newsletter autoresponder, updating my logo and making new images for my slider — I miss it! so I am creating some cool images to share on it instead of it sharing blog posts 🙂

I’m also finishing up the revamp for my “Ultimate Monthly Blogging Planner” with new printables 😉 All those on my mailing list be getting the new version as well 🙂

I’m very excited and happy — mostly because I am feeling better! YAY

No … not really!

I am excited because I am creating  my signature program/product! I have an awesome mentor — you know who you are 😀

I have a great family — hubby, kids, mom & brother!

I have a great blogging tribe with FABULOUS peeps that I adore and love!

Thank you all for being so supportive and being my cheerleaders!

So back on that wagon I get! Time to get crackin’ my friends! Blogging with Gypsy needs to start kickin’ some ass!!!

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