Is your site missing a key piece of information?When it’s your first time to a website or blog, what is the first thing you look for?

What if you are thinking of buying something from this website?

If you have lasted long enough to not be one of their click-through stats, one of the first pages you go to is the “About” page, right?

What if they don’t have one?

Believe it or not, there are sites out there that don’t.

AND, worse, there are people who think an “About” Page is NOT important.

Wait … What?!?!?! Not important???? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!

Personally, being a web designer myself, I would NEVER tell my clients that an “About” page is not important andย I am here to tell you how wrong that type of thinking is!

Have you done your own research? Or are you just basing your “opinion” on what your so-called “webmaster” or designer is telling you?

Well, guess what?

Having a small blurb or link on ALL your pages does NOT help a person learn more about your site, your business or your blog and neither is referring your potential customers to a FAQ page.

So what is SSSOO important about having a separate and stand alone “About” page?

For starters, you get your message out there which focuses on building the relationship with your potential customers, clients, and readers.

If you need to shift your mindset, think of your “About” page like your mission statement.

Important tip — focus on what you can do for them: how you can help, what you can provide, etc.

You can break down your “About” page into sections for any kind of blog.

For a business focused blog you can have yourย “here’s what I can do for you” message, aย mission statement — if you have one, a little history — nothing too long or draining, and maybe a brief bio of yourself.

Use your “About” page to your fullest advantage, People!!

You can include your “call to action” — you can use this page to build your list as well. Not only are you letting your readers get to know a little bit about your business, what you do, etc, but you are also showing them a glimpse WHO you are as a person!

On a personal note, me being the website, page, and blog snob that I am, if you don’t have an about page, I am less likely to stick around. And 9 times out of 10, I am one of your click-through stats on your Google Analytics ๐Ÿ™

So if youย don’t have an “About” page, at least do your OWN research into how it can help you build better relationships with your readers.

DO NOT base your opinions on what others tell you. Especially if you are paying them. It’s their job to make your website/blog site as user-friendly as possible for your VISITORS and to help YOU build YOUR business.

If you do have an “About” page, what do you include? How do you use it to your advantage? Please share in the comment box below.

photo credit: wilhei55 via photopin ccย ~ altered by Blogging w/ Gypsy @ Gypsy’s Treasures

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