SteamPunk Tarot and Enchanted Map Oracle -- Birthday Presents from My Hubby!Okay, my birthday was a few weeks ago (Sept. 2nd). But I was so excited to get the The Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell  and The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Collette Baron-Reid. They have been on my “wish list” for quite some time now. It’s nice to cross them off the list! Woot!

My Tarot & Oracle Journey

I had my first tarot reading done in 1999. We were at the Renaissance Faire for my birthday. Minnesota’s Ren Faire is AMAZING! My dear friend paid for the reading as my birthday gift.

The lady was in her 60’s, short and thin, dressed in black. But I remember she had warm eyes. The deck was OLD and very well-worn. She let me cut them. I only remember the 1st card she laid down — it was the Death card. This woman was so sweet – she immediately started to tell me that it was not literal. I had to laugh. Even though I had no experience with Tarot at all at that moment, I knew it did not mean Death in the literal sense.

I remember it was a great reading but I cannot recall what any of the other cards were or what kind of spread she used. I do remember leaving the little hut (She was a regular to the Ren Faire), she grabbed my hand and told me she had one more bit of advice. “Just do it!” It echoes in my head every time I get frustrated, nervous, start to self-doubt … Her words ring loud and clear in my ears! “JUST DO IT!”

I bought my first Tarot deck (The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber) with a gift card I had gotten from my boss for Christmas — though it was not until January of 2000 that I used it. And it went from there!

I read everything I could get my hands on and printed whatever information I could find on the internet. I’m actually kind of sad, because a LOT of the stuff I learned back then just does not exist on the net anymore.

One of the BIGGEST Tarot Myths out there? “Your decks must be given to you by others.” OMG *rolling my eyes* If I waited for someone to give me a deck, I’d still be waiting.

Because of my love for art, it did NOT take long before I started collecting decks. At one point I had over 40 decks, both Tarot and Oracle. Sadly, I lost my collection and am now rebuilding my collection.

I remember one lady getting so upset when a group of us were discussing our “collections”. This must have been around 2001 or 2002. This woman seriously could not fathom that we owned more than a couple of decks, that we used them all, AND we bought our own. One of the gals in that group had well over 100 decks at the time of that discussion! I was in awe and amazed. Needless to say, the upset one never talked to us again.

With the help of a wonderful shop owner in Minnesota, I even got the chance to read for a couple Psychic Faires. That was definitely stepping out of my element. But it was a phenomenal experience all the same.

I am grateful that I did not lose my Robin Wood Tarot, Faeries Oracle and my Healing with the Angels decks. These 3 decks are well-worn and very used — much like the woman’s deck who did that reading so long ago at the Ren Faire in 1999. LOL Used them often when I lived in California. But when we moved to Washington in 2005, I did not use them as often.

I am not sure why. I did readings for myself about once or twice a year. Then I heard about the Steampunk Tarot from Amethyst Mahoney — owner of Amethyst Tarot and the Divine Wisdom Academy at I just had to have this deck! And my fabulously awesome hubby got it for me for my birthday!! 🙂

With a kick in the pants from Amethyst, more like inspiration really, but a kick all the same, I’ve been reading my cards daily. Even if it is one card. I am so much happier now that I am reading regularly again! Now if I can just get back into my writing! It’s coming — 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo in November! I cannot wait!

Have you had something you fell in love with, did it all the time, then lost touch with it for a while, ONLY to go back to it again? I’d love to hear your story!

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