How can we NOT be ruling the World?I’ve seen social media explained with donuts, but Social MEowDIA — pretty much says it all! So here is your Monday funnies! C’mon! Laugh! It is hilarious! And SOOOO true!

That’s my daughter Jo’s cat, Chester, sitting on my desk. He looks like he is perusing my laptop screen, but he’s really just trying to get my attention.

I stumbled on the infographic below when I opened my Hootsuite. See what fun little goodies and nuggets you can find when you start using tools you keep recommending to others to use? LOLz

I laughed so hard because EVERY single social media network is perfectly summed up … by a CAT! And being the cat person that I am, of course I have to share this! Enjoy!

Cats help explain Social Media.

Infographic brought to you by Avalaunch Media –

How many of these are you guilty of?

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