Blogging Strategy Session


A Blogging Strategy Session provide the tools that help utilize your time better while keeping you consistent with your blogging. With your consistency, your community and reach will grow. This also helps you create a platform to share your expertise with the World, while the increased traffic will open up the energies for your ideal clients to show up. And who doesn’t want more clients?!?!

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  • 90 Minute Blogging Strategy Session via Skype or Phone with an MP3 recording of session
  • Create YOUR ideal blogging plan to fit your biz & lifestyle
  • Brainstorm a list of post ideas on topic with your biz and important to your readers
  • Create a 30 day action plan & post editorial calendar that you can replicate every month to keep your organized, consistent and on track
  • PLUS — Worksheets to help you, 4 weekly Check-In emails for accountability and a 30 Minute followup call (Skype or phone) after 30 days

Additional information

Do I need a blog or website to book a session?

The Blogging Strategy Session is for anyone who is already blogging or is planning on adding a blog to their website. If you have no intentions of adding a blog to your site, then it’s a waste of your money and my time to invest in this service.

Are these sessions just for business owners?

No! It makes no difference to me if your blog is personal, for your hobby or for your business. But it is suggested to have the intention of starting a blog or improving a blog you already have in place.

What is your Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of this service, I do not offer refunds. Just as you wouldn’t expect a plumber to refund you after fixing a leak, I cannot turn back time and reverse the time spent working with you on your Blogging Strategy. Like any other investment or purchase you make, make sure you can afford it and that you fully intend to follow through with the schedule and action plan we create during our session together.

Do you guarantee an increase in traffic and reach on my blog?


It has been proven that blogging consistently does help with getting more traffic and reach to your site. But the best results come from YOU sharing your content out into the World, having a specific marketing plan in place, and creating content that your readers want to share with their circles.

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