My Top 10 Pet Peeves of Web DesignWe all have them — things that make us cringe when we come to a website or blog and we just cannot click out of it fast enough.

Now, I’ve said it before — I am a design snob. And I have design pet peeves!

I’ve been doing graphic and web design since 1999. There really are things that drive me batty.

My Top 10 Pet Peeves of Web Design

  1. Autoplay Music, Audio or Videos — I really would rather have the option to hit play.
  2. Busy, obnoxious or distracting backgrounds — It takes away from what you are trying to say. All I see is that crazy background. I have no idea what you are selling or talking about. All I know is that I need to get out of here. And FAST!
  3. Sparkles, fairy dust, star trails on the cursor — Really?? Are you 13 or something? Gotta go …
  4. Color schemes that bring me back to the days of Wham! singing Wake Me Up before you go, go!! — Neon colors on black … OUCH! Primary colors for links on black also hurts. I should not have to squint and highlight to see what the words are. OH great – And now I can’t get that song out of my head!
  5. No “About” Page — How are you suppose to earn my trust if you don’t have a page about you or some history of your business?
  6. Meta information is not filled out — Keywords are not important to me, however, a title and description would be nice. Tag line is optional. This is especially annoying when I happen across someone who is using ZenCart or osComm shopping carts. Cosmetic change, I know, but it can make or break my decision to stay.
  7. Ad overkill on every page or post — That just tells me you are more interested in getting people to click on your affiliate ads than what you are writing about.
  8. Crappy graphics — You don’t need to sacrifice a perfectly good graphic by decompressing it so much that it is grainy and totally unpleasant with the technology and speeds we have today.
  9. Forms that bring up errors — This tells me you did not test it to make sure it works. Always do a live test — sign up for your own newsletter, RSS feed, contact form, etc. Make sure they work. It saves headaches later. I promise!
  10. TMI (too much information) — Okay this isn’t so much about design as about the content. Semantics, right?? LOL I’m all for blending personal with business; that’s how you build trust and relationships with your readers. But, to be honest, if I am going to your blog to learn how I can market myself better through social media outlets, I really don’t care to read about the great sex you had the night before with your significant other. Really??? You would seriously share that kind of information with a total stranger?

When it comes to visiting websites, we all have our own pet peeves. These are mine. Feel free to share some of yours in the comment box below.

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