Ride the wave! Go with the flow! Be in the moment! Hang ten! Aloha! From the Enchanted Map OracleRide the wave!

Go with the flow!

Be in the moment!

Hang ten!


No, there are no plans to visit Hawaii this year 😀 That is on the list for next year, though!

Today I decided to pull a card from my Enchanted Map Oracle deck and “Ride the Wave” is what I pulled. It could not have come at a better time, too!

Ride the Wave ~ Everything that you know — all your talents, coupled with your hopes and dreams — will carry you forward. … Know that you are definitely on the right path!

How powerfully profound and deep is that?? Of course, I am not surprised I pulled that card. It’s just nice to get validation from the Divine 😀

I’m just really excited about the things that are manifesting before my very eyes! I’m looking forward to making these baby steps that are opening so many doors to my ultimate goals!

Today I basked in my excitement and enjoyed some delicious “me” time – something that seems so rare lately.

For those new to my blog, my Monday Magicks posts are reserved mostly for my witchy side.

I’m finish out my evening, watching Star Wars with our little William and munching on a late evening snack — yep, I fan-dangled the hubby to bring home some french fries on his way home from work <3

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