An Osprey hanging out the fence in our backyard!

An Osprey hanging out the fence in our backyard!

Last week we got an awesome visitor in our backyard! This is an osprey: they are kind of a cross between a falcon and a golden eagle.

These wonderful birds of prey are all over Spokane — especially along the river.

When we lived a few hundred yards from the Spokane River, we saw them all the time. The house we live in now is almost 2 miles away so it was definitely a wonderful surprise to see him on our back fence!

Osprey are also part of the totem animal spirits. Being that I am Pagan, this has an even more special meaning to me.

Of course, after reading one of the many meanings, I get the picture and know WHY he showed up.

Below is an excerpt relating to the Osprey Totem from an excellent site that talks about Animal Totems.

Osprey Totem

Osprey teaches many lessons; how to streamline your life, how carry a heavy burden, and how to dive in with pinpoint accuracy. Osprey will demonstrate the power of keen eyesight and specializing in the ability to tightly grasp your object firmly with finesse and tenacity. He shows that patience and expert timing is needed. It is time to be aware of your inner guidance which is the “sun’s direction” – the sun will show the direction in which to strike so pay attention. Osprey shows that after the initial “splash” of your endeavor, situations and issues will naturally fall into place. Osprey teaches strength and finesse. It is time to trust what Osprey is telling you. Perhaps you feel out of your comfort zone? Afraid to change or of opportunities? Worried of what others think? Osprey demonstrates that you CAN put your head under the emotional water and still survive! It is ok to feel. He will also show how to build a foundation in the spiritual and physical and to ride the current of life in both worlds enabling a balance of peace and harmony. Osprey also teaches of streamlining our thoughts and emotions that also facilitate balance this within that propagates outward. These are valuable lessons to be learned. ~ StarStuffs© 

Talk about enlightening! This is so right on with what I have been going through these past couple weeks.

I just wanted to share the awesomeness of the Osprey that decided to preen himself in our backyard on our back fence! Amazing!!!

Here’s a picture that will give you an idea of how our backyard looks like. The purple circle is where the osprey is sitting.

View of our backyard from the upper deck.

OMG we already have to mow our lawn with all the rain we have been getting.

Have you had any cool animals show up out of no where? Please share in the comments below.

And if you ever want to know what it could mean, please check out the link above. There are links with each entry that share images and sounds of each animal — super cool!

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