Beltane May pole ~ Dancing cats by Susan AlisonThis year is a quiet year for celebrating Beltane, no bonfire. I did however light a candle 😉

I was going to set up a May pole out back this year with the ribbons (crepe paper) and skip and dance around it with William, but we have a rainy day here in Spokane.

I do have tissue paper, construction paper, pipe cleaners and baskets so I can make some flowers and add ribbons to commemorate and welcome Spring, at least.

We have decided to make garden boxes this year for our Salsa garden 😉 They will be placed closer to the house.

Sean is sending for some Naga Viper seeds, Ghost Pepper seeds and another horribly hot pepper (LOL) to add to the tomatoes, Wala Wala onions (YUMMMY), jalapeno, Habanero and cilantro.

I found a really cool “strawberry” pot that I am going to use for the cilantro and other herbs and I have 3 topsy turvies for the tomatoes!

LOVE my topsy turvies!!!!

We are also planting pumpkins and squash at the back of the yard. They get the back because I am sure they will try to take over what little yard we have. HAHA

How are you celebrating Beltane or welcoming in Spring? Are you gardening indoors or outdoors? Got any advice for growing herbs? I have a terrible “brown” thumb! LOL I could use all the help I can get!!!

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