Meet Gypsy, Broom Flying Mom-Preneur! Photo taken outside my front door Halloween 2011Well, hats off to Anderson Cooper! And for the record, one cannot “out” themselves if they have not ever denied it. Just sayin’.

However, I am very proud of him for stepping up and letting others know more publicly “this is me.”

Anderson never denied his being gay, but he didn’t flaunt it either. His sexuality does not make up WHO he is as a person. Most people do not watch his news show because they “know he’s gay even though he doesn’t say it”. People watch his show because he’s a DAMN GOOD REPORTER and he’s NOT a bigoted jack@$$ like most everyone else on all the news channels. But I digress …

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, because I’ve been working on some heavy internal and external stuff — part of a “this is me” sort of thing.

Because one cannot “out” themselves from the BROOM closet if they never denied it.

OOOHHH … see how that tied in so well?!

Thanks Mr. Cooper! 😀

I am not an “in your face” kind of gal when it comes to my witchy/pagan ways (though I know so many people who are — regardless of their spiritual/religious path). I am wide open about my path on my FB profile — because it’s about ME and it’s MY profile, and I have made it clear in the “about you” section.

The thing is, I’ve been realizing that I have been denying that part of my personal life from my Mom-preneur side of life and it has really had some diverse effects on me both emotionally and mentally (heart and brain, people — YES, there is a difference!)

And for me to reach the goals that I have, I need to stop that — because I am a Witchy Broom flying Mom-Preneur!

Yes, I can drive a stick!So, here’s the deal! I am Pagan — I consider myself an eclectic green witch with a brown thumb who leans towards the Celtic side of things. That’s my spiritual path in general.

I read tarot and oracle cards, as well as collect decks.

I use numerology, astrology and divination as clarification and guides.

I talk to my soul guides.

I believe in Faeries, Dragons, Gnomes, Angels and Wizards.

My focus is to help other Pagan and non-Pagan business owners alike utilize blogging as a tool to grow their businesses so they can reach their own goals, spend more time with their families, and live the life they are dreaming to have.

That’s it! In a nut shell!

If the fact that my being Pagan is what makes you decide not to read my blog, that’s perfectly okay. Because I know that there are so many more people out there that DO NOT BASE THEIR DECISION-MAKING PARADIGMS on what others’ beliefs are whether it be spiritual, political, sexual, what-have-you!

Hats off to you, if you made it this far 😉 Please share your thoughts and comments below!

PS I want to give a special thanks to Amethyst Mahoney – Kick-Ass Business Coach, Mentor, Author, Tarot and all around Bad-Ass Fluffy Bunny! It is because of Amethyst’s “Coming into You Celebration” challenge that this post has been written!

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