Is your website mobile friendly?Mobile friendly websites make me HAPPY! And I am NOT the only one! Roughly about a QUARTER BILLION people are just as happy as me that more and more websites are using responsive web design.

That’s 250,000,000 (two-hundred-fifty million) people! That’s a LOT of people!

OH, I know! I hear you now! Your hand is up and you are giving me the LOOK. “Sorry, Gyps! Not here to make YOUR life easier!”

Of course not. Because the world does NOT revolve around me … sadly. However, I am a consumer who uses their smartphone a LOT.

Imagine a MERE TENTH of a percent of that quarter billion buying something from you!

HOLY CRAP BATMAN! That’s 250,000 people buying something from you!

If these 250,000 people buy a $10 product from you? Yeah .. that’s $2,500,000 — 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS.

Okay, obviously it isn’t going to happen all at once. But I wanted to give you an idea of the amount of money you could be “leaving on the table” by not having a mobile friendly website.

Mobile friendly websites see a decrease in bounce rates. — True story!Β 

AND Google recommends responsive web design. — Who knew?

Don’t believe me? Check out the following infographic!

Infographic ~ Responsive design for a better mobile experience.

Clicking on the infographic brings you to the original publishing website and you will be able to see the links in the “Sources” better as well to make sure I’m not pulling your leg. πŸ˜€

My little number scenario comes from stats from the above infographic and another one atΒ

So why am I bringing this up, you might be thinking.

I have a toddler with sticky, ooey, gooey fingers who LOVES button pushing on my laptop! Moms with toddlers and laptops know exactly what I’m talking about πŸ˜€ My smartphone, much smaller and less apt to get snagged by Mr. Gooey Fingers (mostly LOLz), lets me do most of my tasks without having to go to my laptop.

I use my smartphone almost as much as I do my laptop. When I visit websites that are not mobile friendly, or responsive at least, I have a hard time navigating the site and most of the time I leave right away. It is especially difficult with sites that use popups. Popups aren’t so bad if you have a tablet (like an iPad or Kindle Fire) but with smartphones that have a 320 pixel wide-screen, I can’t do anything other than leave πŸ™

IF the site is important, I will either email the link to myself or share it to my Evernote. Sometimes I even to my FB profile so I remember to visit it later.

If I’ve convinced you to even think about making your sight more mobile friendly, you can visit an AWESOME post from the Social Media Examiner talking about this very subject πŸ˜€ —Β

Being a little transparent for you, I am sharing a screen shot of my mobile device numbers in Google Analytics. These numbers are from the 30 days.

My GA Mobile Stats for the last month.

Β What are YOUR thoughts about responsive web design and mobile friendly websites?

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