This teddy bear was made for me by my Aunt Sis, my mom’s older sister, when I was 1 year old. So that makes Teddy 41 years old 😉 Wow, right?!?!

Amazing that he’s made it through 4 crossings of the Atlantic (dad was stationed in Italy), several trips from the east coast to Minnesota, Greyhound trip from MN to California and an Amtrak ride from CA to Spokane WA!

Not to mention, countless nights wiping away tears from small child to adulthood, many a-night of being sick (yep, he was puked on a few times), and other milestones.

He’s been resewn and restuffed several times and is due for another patching job!

My Teddy Bear has lived through all 4 of my older children and now gets to do it again with our newest addition 😉

Not bad for a 41 year old bear!! — I’d say not bad for a 42 year old mom, either! LOL

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