Let's make this year rock!YAY! It’s 2013! Let’s make this year rock!

I bet you are wondering what I’m doing to make my 2013 the best year ever, aren’t you?

I’m doing a lot of soul searching and planning ahead. I’m letting go of some of those ideas what have yet to blossom. I’m cultivating and growing the seeds that get me excited. And I’m looking forward to sharing all this yummy deliciousness with all of you as I take this wonderful journey!

One of the BIGGEST and BEST tools that I am utilizing on this wonderful journey is from Leonie Dawson! I’m sure you have heard of her! She’s an amazing and wonderfully gifted woman who has grown her business and her life to amazing heights just in the last 2 years … really the last year! OMG the things she has accomplished!

My Incredible Year Binder ~ 2013 Business Edition

This year is my first year working through Leonie’s her Incredible Year workbook and Planner. This year is the first year Leonie has created one for LIFE and one for BUSINESS!! OMG AMAZING!!! And I am super excited and stoked about working through both of them!

Both the Life and Business workbooks are filled with exercises and space to fill up your 2013 dreams, goals, and whatever else you feel is important to you for this upcoming year.

I’m so excited that Leonie put together a Business edition! You walk through the 2012 “Closing Ceremony”, which helps you let go of 2012 and, at the same time, look forward to a better 2013.  Then you create what you want your 2013 to look like: what goals you want to achieve, what you have to do to make those goals happen, creating your “incredible biz habits” for the new year, and so many other NOMMY goodness!

Go grab yourself a copy of the Life or Business Edition for less than $10 each or grab them both for less than $18. Don’t forget to grab a few for your clients, colleagues and even your best friends! These planners and workbooks are AWESOME and AMAZING!  

Create Your Incredible Year Workbook and Planner ~ Life and Business Editions! Get one for yourself  and get some to share with your friends!

Seriously! Both the Life and Business Editions DO CREATE CHANGE! So hurry up and grab them! Make your 2013 rock!!! I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Now it’s your turn! What are you doing to make your 2013 rock? 

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