Want to make appointments for sessions directly on your blogsite? Yep, there's a WP plugin for that!Make appointments directly from your blog? What?!? We have an App for that???

Well, rather more like a plugin for that!

As I am not ready for this kind of addition to my business, I know so many others out there that are using some sort of online appointment making software out there for their reading, coaching, advising, consulting, and whatever else kind of sessions they offer.  Few are free, many are overpriced and there may be one or two that may actually be moderately priced and worth using.

However, the end result is this: your client has to leave your website and go to someone else’s website. Ultimately giving them the traffic and not keeping the person on your site o.O


Okay now I am sure many of these sites do have a way to set it up that you can get your client back to your site. But what if there was a WordPress plugin out there that helped you with this? And it was affordable … without monthly or annual fees, to boot!

Oh … Wait! There is! 😀

Thank you, WPMU Dev – the WP experts for creating the Appointments + plugin!

Okay I know you have doubts and that’s okay. But here are some of the features this WordPress plugin offers:

  • Customizable for many different uses
  • Create unlimited services, options, etc.
  • Accept payments and deposits
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
  • Offer discounts
  • Take phone appointments manually
  • Widgets and shortcodes work with your theme
  • Manage customers and employees
  • So much more!

Want more details? Here are a few custom features that rival even some of high-end booking platforms available out there:

  • Create unlimited services
  • Create “black out” dates and times
  • Edit schedules from front or back-end of WordPress
  • Pro-rate appointments that run long
  • Short codes for inserting into posts/pages
  • Display daily, weekly, or monthly schedules
  • Book appointments up to one year out
  • Gravatar support for personalizing provider profiles
  • Custom Color labels for appointments
  • Form autofill for repeat clients
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or WordPress login
  • Ability to offer discounts to existing members
  • Send clients appointment reminders
  • Full client CRM
  • Save client emails into CRM
  • Take phone appointments manually
  • Ability to remove unpaid appointments
  • Multiple Widgets included
  • Full user’s manual

I think this is definitely a great addition to anyone who is looking for more affordable and easy ways to use your blogsite to make appointments! Thanks WPMU for creating the Appointments + plugin for WP!

Now it’s your turn! Would this be something you could use for your blogsite and business? 

Please click here to share your thoughts.


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