Let's start from scratch!What a harrowing month this has been! Full of miscommunication, disappointments from many different directions, frustrations abound, and just all around CRAZY!

Something happen yesterday that just broke the camel’s back and I’ve had enough!

I’m done! I QUIT!!! I am NOT going to take this crap ANYMORE!

And I am taking my power back — especially from all those disappointing directions!

TODAY, after meditating, enjoying some awesome old Fred Astaire movies (It was TCM’s idea to feature him today on Essentials Jr LOL), and snacking on rice pudding of all things — that crazy lightbulb finally lit up!

Yeah … one of those “DUH” moments!!! It was awesome! And worthy of a facepalm! LOLz

So, Let’s start from scratch, shall we?!

What does that mean, you ask?

I mean starting with new foundations, new motivations, new circles, and new projects with the help of great friends, mentors and teachers!

I am not giving up on the special project I had hoped would have started this weekend — it’s just not the right time to start 🙂 And I am okay with that!

But I promise you this — it WILL happen! 🙂

How have you had to start from scratch and take your power back?

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