Is your email address improving your brand or demolishing your image?Email addresses can be a touchy subject for some people. I am at a loss as to why, but it is. o.O

I know people who have had the same email since the mid 90’s. Crazy, huh? In some respects I think that is awesome! Yep, I used that word again 😀 But when it comes to your business, it’s time to grow up and act more professional! Seriously!!!

Your email address speaks volumes about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

Wait?!? What?? I NEED to repeat that.

Your email address speaks volumes about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS! 

When you pass out business cards or list your email address on your web/blogsite with a Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, SBC, Comcast, MSN or any other free email account service, you need to ask yourself — “How do these companies BEST represent YOUR BUSINESS?” Many of them DON’T. It makes no difference if this is the email address your friends and family know you by. What matters is how you want your business REPRESENTED and how you want your potential clients to VIEW your BUSINESS and YOUR BRAND.

Choosing an email provider for you business should be just as important as choosing your hosting service. The 4 biggest factors to consider are reputation, security, reliability, and does it improve your brand. After all, EVERYTHING related to your business, including your email addresses, is representing YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

Best practice for your business email is setting up an email account with your domain hosting service. Hosting packages include at least 1 email address for free; many have unlimited email accounts. Then it is just a matter of forwarding your business email to your preferred email service. If you are already paying for domain and hosting services, there is no excuse NOT to have an email address with your domain name.

If you are forwarding to your regular email provider, PLEASE, please be VERY careful about the information you have in your “contacts” or address book. Yahoo, Hotmail and MSN are notorious for getting hacked regularly.  And whether your account has never been hacked or not, means nothing. What matters it that they are not absolutely secure and you cannot guarantee your clients that their information is safe when you are using these services to keep track of their information.

If you do not have a web/blogsite, create a spreadsheet with your clients’ information and password protect it. Yes, it makes for a little extra work to get access to the information, but at least you can be honest with your clients when you tell them their information is safe and secure.

Your email address is a small detail, but it really can make or break the impression you put forth to potential clients.

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