You know I had to do it!!!

You cannot have a blog challenge without at least one person blogging about zombies!

This is hilarious though!

I love the comment about duct tape!

Duh!  There really is NO one situation that cannot be taken care of duct tape!

I love the stuff! (Duct tape)

OH and definitely Costco or Sam’s Club are the best sanctuaries … well … as long as you can make sure there is NO way for the zombies to get in!

Seriously … check ALL possibilities here, people!!! Especially the “smokers’ door” — make sure it is LOCKED!!!

You have a boat load of crap to barricade ALL doors in those warehouses!

Use the ladders, People!

C’mon now!!!

We are smarter than those zombies! Remember?!?! 🙂

Browse more data visualizations.

Share your ideas! We all need to be prepared!!!! 🙂

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