Hosting options for WordPress should not be confusing!

I realize choosing hosting for WordPress is not easy. Especially with so many hosting options out there.

But congratulations for stepping up to the plate by self-hosting your blogsite. And YAY for you, if you have been self-hosting for a long time …. like me 😀

How do you decide the right hosting options for WordPress and for your needs?

Well, I already gave you a list you can use with the first installment to the Build Your Blogsite with Gypsy Series.

Today, I have a great infographic to share with you, comparing 5 of the more popular hosting services out there …. as far as “shared hosting” is concerned.

I did not put this infographic together; it’s from CodeinWP.

Yes, they probably are a more advanced go-to site for WordPress, but they have a lot of great information for all levels of WP users, especially those who want to learn the ropes themselves. You know, not always have to count on your web person 😀

CodeinWP is comparing what THEY think are the 5 BEST shared hosting services available. They are focusing on WP installation, customer support, speed, load impact and offer links to reviews. Plus number of sites hosted, space, bandwidth, free domains with package and marketing offers.

What are these 5 more popular shared hosting services?

Bluehost, Dreamhost, HostGator, GoDaddy and SiteGround.

I’m not linking to them because I STRONGLY recommend you read the post connected to the infographic. All the links are in the post 😀 And they’re not affiliate links, either.

Hosting Options for WordPress ~ An Infographic Comparing 5 of the Most Popular Hosting Services – according to CodeinWP

*** I’ve added my own opinions below the infographic.

Best WordPress Hosting Options - According to CodeinWP


Here’s the link to the post and infographic:

My Opinions

I’ve been with many different hosting services since 2000. The hosting options we have today are such an improvement. But it still took a long time to find hosting that I actually like.

I moved my sites from Yahoo Business to GoDaddy in 2006 but left in 2007 because their customer service sucked! Pure and simple. They only helped with server issues. There was also that brief time with a crappy reseller (no longer around), but it’s a painful memory.

I switched to HostGator for about 2 years before the EIG merger/buyout (2007 – 2009). I never had any issues as far as my sites getting hacked or going down consistently. But I did consistently have issues with speed and load times.

I moved to Dreamhost in 2009, staying with them until my sites started going down way too many times! They blamed slow speeds and horrible load times on WP, plugins and files. I knew that was NOT the issue at all. It was the other people who shared the server with me. Dreamhost did, however, move me to a VPS with a $15 credit each month. I guess that was better than actually admitting it was the shared server.

Another downside to Dreamhost is their constant reference to a their wiki that was NOT current or updated, at the time. I spent a LOT of time creating support tickets to get help because of outdated information. VERY frustrating to say the least.

I finally moved all my sites to Site5 in 2012, who I am currently hosting with. Great customer service and always helping me with issues without insisting on upgrading. At least so far. 😀

I’ve never had any inclination to use Bluehost. They are owned by the same parent company as Hostgator. But it seems to be one of the more popular hosting options that people use.

SiteGround — Their options are fabulous! I am planning on moving to them by end of summer. They are also the only one with an annual plan. As far as I can tell they do not have monthly options. Which is totally fine with me, but may not be an option for many. They have everything I want and need in a hosting service that isn’t going to break the bank!

So there you have it! CodeinWP’s opinions of what they think are the 5 best hosting options for WordPress and what my personal experiences were over the years.

If you already are self-hosting, I’d love to hear about your experiences with any of these hosting services and why you are thinking of moving, if you are thinking of moving. If you are new to self-hosting, what do you think of these options?

Sending lots of luvs and hugs,

Kimberly Gypsy LoSavio

your SoulFull Biz and Life Mentor

Luvs, Hugs & Snooches! Gypsy
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