Staring intensely helps with my Jedi Mind Powers!We all could use some “help tame clutter” Jedi mind trick to help put out those chaotic hot spots going on in our lives. My hot spots are the kitchen sink, breakfast counter, the dining room table, the coat closet and my office space.

Oh and the storage space under the stairs, but that’s the hubby’s realm, not mine! It’s dark and there are spiders down there. No thank you!!!

The best thing to help tame clutter is to put yourself in the right mindset. ~ Click to Tweet


You have a Jedi, clutter blasting mindset trick and you haven’t shared it?!? EVER?!?

No. I promise I haven’t been holding back any Jedi mind tricks. I actually just learned this yesterday. It was so mind-blowing and simple that I had to share.

So here it is in a nutshell.

To help tame clutter and tackle those hot spots, create your intention to open up the energetic space to draw abundance to you for both your life and business.

Create an incentive by putting some sort of value on what you are letting go that will open up space to receive that value in return.

Here’s the example that Maryellen DeVine of Angelic Journeys used to help her scale down her chaotic book collection.

She created the mindset that for every book she let go, she opened her business up to receiving $1000. Within 5 minutes, she already had a pile of 12 books to pass on to others who could use them more than her. In that 5 minutes, she cleared that energetic space to draw in $12,000.

Go read that again. I’ll wait.

Did you read it again?

Within 5 minutes, she opened up that energetic flow for the Universe to bring in more abundance and, at the same time, build up karma points by donating books to others who could use them.

Placing a monetary value to open up space to receive more abundance in her life and business, not only helped Maryellen with her mindset to get rid of those books but also created the space for her to display more beauty and art in her home office space.

If this isn’t the Law of Attraction in motion, I don’t know what is! Seriously!

So, to help tame clutter, use the awesome Jedi mind trick of placing some sort of value to what you are trying to let go of so you can open up that energy flow to bring more abundance towards you and/or your business.

Want new clothes? State your intent, open up your energetic space and GET RID OF THOSE CLOTHES YOU KNOW WILL NEVER BE WORN AGAIN!

I’m actually reconstructing all my Halloween themed shirts into some awesome wall art and messenger bags. This made space to receive more gypsy, bohemian, flowy things I’ve suddenly started finding. Wow! Shocking! LOLz

I promise, it will all come together once you create that mindset and open that energetic space. The ideas will flow.

How have you tamed the chaotic clutter hot spots? How do open up yourself to more abundance in your life?

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