Happy 11th Birthday, WordPress!Happy Birthday, WordPress!!

Holy Crap, Batman!! It’s hard to believe that WordPress has been around for 11 years.

I know! Right?!?! Eleven!?!?

I installed my first self-hosted WordPress wwwaaayyyyy back in 2008. And I started using it fully for websites in 2010. Today, WordPress is the ONLY platform I work with. And I have no regrets about it!

The last 2 years have been crazy for WordPress with 4 serious updates, 2 new preinstalled standard themes, and awesome additions to JetPack.

In case you have been under a rock somewhere, I’m talking about WordPress 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, and now the very latest 3.9.1. And themes TwentyThirteen and TwentyFourteen.

And if you haven’t updated to WordPress 3.9.1, I suggest you get on it. It’s been long enough since the latest security update. Just sayin’!

My Favorite Updates

  • The facelift on the Dashboard – Less cluttered and more pleasing to the eye.
  • Dashboard is responsive on all devices – So much easier to work on smartphones and tablets, because there are some of us in this world that don’t need to wait until we are in front of the main computer in the office.
  • Improved visual editing — It’s so much easier to cut and paste without messing with styling.
  • JetPack has added new modules which has allowed me to delete at least 5 plugins that are no longer needed.

I’m so excited with all the new changes and I cannot wait to see what’s coming with WordPress!

Happy Birthday, WordPress!

What are your favorite updates? 

Please click here to share your thoughts.

Sending lots of luvs & hugs! Gypsy


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