Our Little Guy's First Birthday Celebration!

Here is our William on his first birthday celebration!

Holy Canolli, Batman! What a MESS!?!?!

But he sure does look like he enjoyed it all!

It was so much fun watching him eat his first real cake and ice cream.

His big sister Kelly bought him an Iron Man cake and Daddy picked out a chocolate layered, whip cream filled and topped cake.

He started out with a couple of spoons and, boy, did he get mad when Daddy took them away!

William did not understand the whole using his hands and getting messy yet!

Here is what he looked like when we started!

Before BayBay decided it was okay NOT to use the spoons! What a clean little birthday boy!

All clean and cute! And just figuring out how to use the spoons in the bowl. This is a concept he’s still learning HAHA

Sean and I are so blessed to have this little guy! And his older brothers and sisters just adore him! It’s been 16 years since there’s been a baby in our house and now he’s becoming a toddler!

Watch out! This little man LOVES climbing the furniture!

Now if we could just get him to start walking! LOL

Do you have any 1st Birthday celebration memories?

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