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A premium mastermind to help support you and your unique space on the interwebz!

Are you just tired and not feeling supported?

Are you a soulfull, crafty one-woman-show building your empire, or at least trying to?

Do you often feel unmotivated or procrastinate on the things you know you should be doing because you have no idea where to start?

SoulFull Biz Tribe ~ a mastermind for creative women wanting more soulfull alignment and support in their biz and life.

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The SoulFull Biz Tribe is a premium Mastermind for creative, women biz owners coming together to improve on the things that will help create a more SoulFull, Aligned and Supported Biz & Lifestyle. It’s a yearly membership with all kinds of goodies.

There are courses being put together that will be released to the Mastermind first every 2 months. Each course is about 4 or 5 weeks teaching a specific topic and will be $497 for all non-members. The first one starts very soon – Gypsy’s SoulFull Biz WordPress Blogsite Bootcamp.

All Mastermind members have access to a closed Facebook group with 10 minute actionable, 2 “ask me anything” hours each week, and weekly checkins & FB Lives. This group is meant to be a place for connection, for soulfull sisterhood (because we all need that in our lives), and to help support each other on this journey to create the soulfull biz & life that we each crave and desire.

Joining now saves you over $6500 in savings without the extra goodies! And you’re locked in at this price every year you renew. It won’t stay locked if you leave then decide to come back, though. Sorry.

What if you don’t have a business or this mastermind doesn’t call to you, but you still want to help out?

Pass this link on to your friends who you think may be interested. If 3 people you know join the SoulFull Biz Tribe, I will send you a beautiful goodie box from Goddess Provisions as a special thank you for helping me out!

Special Pricing

Hey there, Beautiful!

I just want to wrap you up in warm fuzzy hugs! Because I totally get it!

You surely are NOT alone!

I’ve been a one-woman-show for a long time. We also have a rascally preschooler who decided it was a great idea for his 40-something parents to have another kiddo. And the hubby has a lot of out-of-town work which means there are times I feel like a single parent.

There just are NOT enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Our situations may be different but the lack of motivation, the trying to balance family, life and empire, the feelings of not being supported are the same!

We live in a world full of bullshit rules!  The ones that tell us we need to be earning 6 figures and if we aren’t, we suck … well, at least that’s how the stories of those 6 figure mavens make us feel. Or we’re selfish for wanting to grow an empire and raise our kiddos. Or we have to live up to, or rather down to, other people’s bullshit rules so they can feel better about themselves.

How dare we want “alone” time to decompress that is NOT running errands for the house! How dare we leave the house with no makeup and a messy bun and wear yoga pants out in public! How dare we try to build a business so we can afford a better life for our kids, our furbabies or just ourselves! Wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, no less.

Honestly, I can’t help you with the kiddos or the housework. But I do want to help you grow your empire so you can get the extra help to care for the kiddos a couple days a week, hire a fabulous house manager who can help plan out your meals and even do the shopping for you, or have someone come in once a week to clean your house, if that’s what you want.

I’m not going to lie. It’s gonna get dirty, it’s gonna get emotional, it may get frustrating and every now and then you are going to want to throw in the towel! It’s part of building your dream. And it isn’t going to happen overnight. But you will have time to be with present with your kiddos, you will have time to be present with your partner and you will have time to grow you empire.

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Check-Ins & FB Lives

 10 Minute Actionables

Accountability with other members & myself

{yearly value ~ $497}

Bi-Monthly Masterclass

 Live Webinar ~ 45 min to an hour long

 Workbook and other printables to help take action quickly

 Access to Replays ~ MP4 & MP3

{value for each training ~ $197}

Weekly Office Hours

In the Facebook Group

 Tuesdays 11a – 12p PST

 Thursdays 5p – 6p PST

Q & A through a group post or Facebook Live video stream.

Special Pricing

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