Goonies drawn by Stephen Silver

The Goonies drawn by Stephen Silver

Feeling like one of the Goonies today! Not sure which one. It’s hard to choose. Okay, not really. I’m not feeling like Mouth. So maybe more like Mikey or Data. But how can you NOT love Chunk?!? I mean, seriously!?!

Goonies Never Say Die!

Side note: Holy crap-a-noli, Batman!! Can you believe Goonies is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year?!?! Yesterday in fact!

I know! Right?!?! I feel so old! LOLz

But back to feeling like a Goonie and it being MY time!

Sometimes we have to hike up our big kid under roos, pull up our boot straps, and get a little dirty. Okay, I am a bit more prepared with mucky boots and garden gloves. I have this thing about dirty hands!

You have your dirty little secrets. I have mine! o.O

I’m not one who wants to be in the shiney spot light. I know a LOT of people who want that. But I am totally okay with being on the sidelines.

I am not okay with not getting credit for what I’ve done, however. But that’s for a different post all together. >_<

So what does the Goonies have to do with Monday Magicks?

It’s Our time!

Oh yeah. Our time. That’s what it has to do with the Goonies. They had their time looking for One Eyed Willie’s treasure – finding it of course and, essentially saving the Goon Docks from the greedy developer. YAY Mikey!

Well I’ve finally found my feet and I’m in my time. I’ve been riding a couple big ass donkeys with some light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s been a crazy ride, to say the least. Lots of brainstorming, tearing down, building back up, paradigm changing and LOTS of behind the scenes stuff that no one else sees.

It all starts here!

During this adventure I’ve been soul-searching, decluttering, and letting shit go.

Not quite a Goonies adventure, but treasure seeking all the same.

I reset my boundaries. I’ve upgraded my purple velvet robes with gold braiding. I’ve enlisted the help of my Dragon guardian Carmine. And even my inner bouncer has gotten more fierce.

Yeah! That also means I’m snarkier, sassier and probably more bitchy. But that comes with the territory!

I’ve torn down some unstable towers and started planning out better foundations.

Then the Universe steps in.

So not what I had intended. But that’s usually how it happens, right?

Going back and reading through my 2015 Biz and Life planner (Leonie Dawson) and my Desire Map Planner (Danielle LaPorte), I seemed to have written SHINE as one of my CDFs for 2015.


I stopped writing that word a couple of months ago because I wasn’t ready to shine, but apparently the Universe is NOT letting me let that go! GAH!

I’m okay with that, actually! Believe it or not!

I’m scared shitless, don’t get me wrong! This is a direction I am not ready for but so many things already seem to falling into place for me to get there.

So I have to heed the call, listen and trust.

Paradigm shifts AND the Universe tend to remove obstacles.

Who knew changing how you think about things would create such paradigm shifts?!?

And who knew how many obstacles there really were on my path?!?

It never dawned on me that part of those obstacles were holding on to people, groups and other things that I THOUGHT I needed to move forward.

Guess what?!?

Those were the very people, groups and other things that were holding me back!

Shocking! I know! Right?!?!

Some people I had to do a total disconnect, wishing them the best. Whether they understand or not, doesn’t matter. It was time for ME to let go and really … that is all that really matters. It’s on them if they take it personal or feel the need to talk smack about me behind my back.

Others, the Universe stepped in and did it for me. I think those were the hardest disconnects because I didn’t realize I needed to let go.

I am grateful for the lessons learned, the knowledge shared and the wisdom bestowed. But it is time to continue down MY path and create the foundations that are best for ME.

It’s funny how when you start clearing away all the distractions, quieting the brain noise, and truly listening to what that Soul voice is trying to say, things start moving!

I’m really excited about the projects coming up and I am so looking forward to sharing this journey!

Like the Goonies, I have my own Goon Docks to save.

How have you adjusted to paradigm shifts or the Universe stepping in to remove the obstacles you didn’t realize were even obstacles?

Click here to tell your stories!

Luvs, Hugs & Snooches! Gypsy

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