Gmail stamp ~ Hello from GoogleYesterday I talked about how your email address can make or break your business image. Today, I am going to tell you why I use and recommend Gmail.

I’ve been using Gmail since 2006 way back when it was still in “Invite Only” Beta. A friend of mine recommended switching because we were having so much trouble sharing larger files with other email services and it was so much faster at sending and receiving. Even way back in 2006!

As the years went on and Gmail made more and more improvements, I grew to love it even more! And I slowly phased out different Yahoo products I have used in the past as time went on and as of May of this year (2012), the ONLY Yahoo product I use is Flickr.

You can read more about Gmail and it’s history on Wikipedia.

So why do I use Gmail, you ask? Well, I will tell you!

My Top 5 Reasons for Using Gmail

  • Gmail is one of many products available from Google – including Google+, YouTube, Maps, Alerts, Google Analytics, WebMaster Tools, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Voice, Google Wallet, GTalk (messenger), Google Apps for Business (most of which I use often) to name a few.
  • My hosting service, Dreamhost, allows me to use Gmail for my domain email accounts — and it’s unlimited.
  • It has THE BEST Spam filter of all the free email services out there in my opinion — and I’ve used many of them over the years. It’s also FREE and not an added “premium service” like so many of the others “offer”.
  • I can attach multiple files or large files — up to 25MB in one email. That’s HUGE! And it doesn’t take forever to send or receive either.
  • I can set up forwarding very easily with Gmail AND I don’t have to pay for the POP3 service like I did with yahoo — with Gmail, it’s FREE!

I use Gmail because it’s secure. My account was hacked ONLY once since 2006, but it was entirely my fault. Yeah, my dumbass had my email visible publicly on Facebook — they were both hacked by the SAME IP address. That was quickly remedied! BUT it was only hacked because of my own stupidity. o.O

My yahoo account that I have has since 1999 has been hacked multiple times AND I cannot tell you the amount of spam that makes it to the inbox — even when my dumbass was paying for the premium service! UGH — if ONLY I had known then what I know now!!! And the worst part is, MOST of that spam is because other people have had their email accounts hacked and their address books compromised. It’s a vicious, hacking, spamming circle!

Some other bonuses that I enjoy about my Gmail are that I have access to my account 24 hours a day via my smart “dumb” phone with it’s mobile app, my account comes with 10 GB of FREE storage, and you can get some really delicious Spam (the meat in a can) recipes from the Spam folder 😉 C’mon … who doesn’t like Spam?!? LOLz

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