Is your blog a ghost town?What are Ghost Town blogs? You know — low visit rates; only 1 or 2 comments on posts — or worse — NO COMMENTS at all. Even if the blog owner spends hours writing amazing content. Still … NOTHING! Echo … echo … echo …

Are you blogging consistently or are you a hit and run poster? How long does it take to respond to those that do comment on your blog? Do you visit and comment on your commentors’ blogs in return? And how sharable is your blog, really?

I know! That’s a LOT of questions. But they are important to answer. Ghost town status is not what you want, specially if you have a blog related to your business.

So, how do we change this, Gypsy?

I’m so glad you asked!

3 Tips to Keep Your Blog Out of Ghost Town Status

  • #1 Tip ~ Be CONSISTENT with your blogging! Create a blogging schedule that fits YOUR schedule and do your best to stick with it. It does NOT need to be daily. I know bloggers that consistently post once a month or once every other week. Just be consistent about it. Planning ahead is crucial with being consistent.
    SUGGESTIONS: I have created a Blog & Website Planning Guide that may be of help. Sign up here for your FREE copy. Also a great WordPress Plugin called WordPress Editorial Calendar is extremely helpful with planning ahead. Use both the planner and the plugin together and you have it made!
  • Don’t be a Comment Snob! What is a comment snob, you might ask? Comment Snobs either do NOT allow comments on their posts or never respond or reply to comments on their posts. There is an EXCEPTION TO THE RULE — I follow some pretty amazing peeps who don’t allow comments on their blog posts, but they are VERY ACTIVE on their Facebook and Twitter accounts with replies, responses and lots of gratitude for those of us who share their fabulous wisdom to the interwebs.
    SUGGESTIONS: Allow comments on your blog posts. Respond to comments left on your blog posts as soon as you get a comment notification. It’s okay if you can’t get to them all right away. But try to keep it within 24 hours for your replies. And don’t forget to return the “comment favor”. Go to their blog and make a comment on their most recent post. If you LOVE their content, add them to your Tribe. Installing the CommentLuv plugin is really helpful. It rewards your commentors with allowing links back to their blogs and it makes it easier for you to go straight to their most recent blog post 😀 Check out the CommentLuv Premium plugin for an all-in-one package (7 plugins in one).
  • Make your blog sharable! This is probably just as important as being consistent. If you don’t have any share buttons on your blog, how are your readers supposed to share your blog? Most people will not copy and paste the link and go through the hoops to share it to their social networks. At best, you MAY get some people sharing to their Pinterest through the “Pin it” button in their browser bar or maybe through another sharing add-on of some sort. But most of us will not take the time. So, please, add those share buttons!
    SUGGESTIONS: If you have JetPack activated on your blog, you can simply configure the “Share” option with a variety of social network options. My favorite plugin is the Shareaholic* plugin — formerly dubbed Sexy Bookmarks. I LOVE this plugin and I’ve used it for years at the recommendation from Michelle Shaeffer! I also currently use the Digg Digg plugin (share buttons floating to the left side) but I am switching to the Flare plugin — another useful recommendation from Michelle 😀

So there you have it! My 3 tips to keep your blog out of Ghost Town hell!

Basically, being more proactive on your blog means more traffic to your website, helping more people with your gifts, and more people sharing and commenting on your blog. Which then leads to more opt-ins, new clients, and more products being sold.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Did you find these tips helpful? Or do you have your own tips?

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