Four Amazing Goddesses and a Bee ColonyOver the course of the past two weeks, it has been pretty chaotic for me. Our 9 month old is teething — 4 at once and on top! UGH, 2 are finally through – YAY! I’ve been crazily note taking about some projects I have been in dire need of getting done: a newsletter to build my list, final work on GRT Web Design so I can get it live to my readers, and trying to catch up with my posting for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Having a crabby, tired, and frustrated 9 month old just does not help. Poor little guy! 🙁

I have been writing down the 5 things I am grateful for each night before I go to bed in my Gratitude Journal (in line with LOA). Hey, even if it is only just my husband, my kids, a roof over my head, food in the cupboards, and my laptop still working  — I am still writing them down 🙂 But a small package in the mail about 8 days ago changed all that 🙂 Here is my story that the Law of Attraction does work, even if you just shift a little bit in your thought processes.

So I received this awesome little yellow box in the mail — that’s the picture up top on the left — Yep, Burt’s Bees sent me a free tube of their Vitamin E & Peppermint balm!!! They reached their 1 million like mark on FB and if you were lucky enough to sign up for their “free gift for being a great fan” tab (pre Timeline change LOL), that is what you got. They sent out 26,000 tubes — that’s a lot of gifts. I don’t know about you, but I spend about $4 per tube where I live. It’s worth it and I do it, but dang — 26,000 of us got a free tube of yummy Burt’s Bees about a week ago! YAY

Oh I also mentioned four amazing goddesses — who are they? why are they so amazing?! Well I will tell you!!!

Michelle ShaefferThank you to Michelle Shaeffer!

Well, all I can say is that if it weren’t for her I would not be here writing this post or any other post for that matter 😉 It is totally true!  But, today, she is part of my list because she used one of my Facebook comments in one of her posts 😉 Yeah .. it was awesome to see that and it totally made my day!!

Creative Woman Can Rock in Business 2012 Summit w/ Shannon Rush as hostess :)Thank you to Shannon Bush!

Shannon is hosting the 2nd annual Creative Women Can is awesome! I discovered this telesummit through Michelle Shaeffer (who was also the first of 16+ speakers in this still ongoing event). Shannon even mentioned me in her blog at the beginning of the month (April)– WOW!

Word Chef Hall of Fame InducteeThank you to Tea Silvestre of The Word Chef!

A couple of weeks ago she decided to feature fans on her Pinterest and she mentioned it in her newsletter to reply if you wanted to be “featured” — well, I replied and you can find me in her Word Chef Tribe board on Pinterest 😉 And cooler still, she blurbed about me in her PB&J newsletter last week! I was so giddy and honored! It just made my day!!!

I'm a Bad Ass Fluffy Bunny!Thank you to Amethyst Mahoney!

With her advice and helpful comments over the past few weeks, I have come to the happy conclusion that I can blend my path with my calling. Just the other day, she even gave me a shout out in her newsletter as well!!! How cool is that?!? She took a Geek break from Tarot and mentioned my Nerdy-Geek post 😉 Then she made my evening later with some other comments — needless to say I am almost done with my portfolio for my web design site 😉 YAY!

So to these 4 amazing Goddesses and a Bee Colony – I say thank you for helping me see that my Gratitude Journal is working and that my beliefs in the Law of Attraction are warranted! I just love validation!!!!

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