My smartphone with a Klout Perk screen cleaner.I own a myTouch Q from t-mobile. ((<<– That’s my phone with the cool screen cleaner I got from Klout Perks )) 

Thank the Gods it has a sliding keyboard! Otherwise I would so hate it more!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone.

I can do anything on it!

Well, almost anything. I haven’t found an app to help me time travel — added to my to-do list 😉 I will use an image of the Tardis for it as well! But I digress.

So tonight I am going to share with you my favorite apps that I use daily (okay, a couple I use almost hourly LOLz). Just so you all are aware, it’s an Android so all my apps now come from Google Play.

My Favorite Smartphone Apps

  • Instagram — YES!!! okay it isn’t as cool as the iPhone/Pad/Pod app but I love it!
  • Facebook — I use it on my phone as often as I do my laptop LOLz
  • Twitter — I’m on Twitter longer on my phone than my laptop … time to change that!
  • Kindle — yep, I am reading 2 ebooks I uploaded on it! Love it!!!
  • WordPress — this is just for on the fly drafts when I get an idea. Sadly, I am not a fan of the app for my phone. I liked it better on my Crackberry.
  • GMail — I check my email all the time.

So those are my favorite ‘droid apps for my stupid “smart” phone!

I will let you in on a little secret.

Your phone is truly only as smart as you are!

I just need to realize that the touch screen is really touchy! LOLz

If you have a smart phone or pad, what are your favorite apps? Or what apps do you use most often? I would love for you to share!!

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