Does the lack of e-mail manners & tacky customer service have you frustrated?Talking about email manners and common courtesies can be a sticky subject. Mostly because people really don’t like getting called out on their lack of email manners. (Or any manners, for that matter.)

Today, it makes no difference to me if I offend because I am really irritated and frustrated with some of the emails I have received over the past several months from people who just lack manners when it comes to email communication.

To be fair, I am not talking about personal emails. How one communicates with their friends and family via email, chat, messages and texting is a different can of worms.

Today I am talking about customer service related emails regarding a purchase or service you paid for or prepaid for.

Here are some specific examples of the lack of email manners:

**Please note the following examples are specific to an ebook I pre-purchased months ago and software I purchased way back in 2007 that needs to be updated.**

    • Not addressing the person you are replying to — “Hiya” is for friends. It is NOT for customers who have been emailing about a product they purchased months before that has yet to be delivered.
    • Taking more than 2 weeks to get back to a customer about an issue — I’m talking absolutely NO communication whatsoever. Hey, I get life gets in the way but keeping your customers in the loop is important. Well, it’s important if you want them to promote your products.
    • Only one short sentence in the body — Obviously you do not value me as a customer! It does not matter if I paid $6 or $247 — seriously? One short sentence does not solve the problem. And it definitely keeps me from promoting your product or service.
    • Telling your customer they did something wrong — specifically: telling me I dialed the wrong number because your business line will go straight to voice mail if it’s after hours or if no one can answer the phone right away. Um … I dialed the number from your website … repeatedly and got no answer or no voice mail.
    • No sign off or signature box — You included the signature box in the first communication — the “thanks for your purchase” email. And, now, not even a kthanksbye. o.O

It comes down to this — the above  lack of email manners and tacky customer service is going to cost you a sale. And in many cases more than just one. When your customers love you, they share you! When your customers get bad service or the trust has diminished, they tell EVERYBODY!

I found it kind of hilarious that one of my blogging buddies from the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Helen of Helz-Design,  posted about email etiquette yesterday. Her frustrations are a little different than mine, but please check out what she has to say!

Do you have any pet peeves, stories, or tips about e-mail manners & etiquette or tacky customer service?

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