Make your dreams come true!Make your dreams come true!

Sounds like a faery tale, doesn’t it? It’s only a faery tale if you have doubts about making your dreams come true.

I’m surrounded by some pretty amazing women who have made their dreams come true over the past year. And I have to tell you — it is pretty damn INSPIRING! It validates my own desire to make my dreams come true!

But what are my dreams? What is it that I really, really want?

Do you know what you really, really want? Or have you already figured it out and well on your way to making that dream, or dreams, come true? If you are, Congratulations! You are a LOT farther than I am! 😀

2013 is about breaking out of my comfort zone!

Holy crap, Batman! What the hell does that mean??? Break out of my comfort zone? But I am happy here in my little bubble of comfort!

Well, that comfort bubble is all well and good, but …


Wow! That’s some heavy stuff to break through. Starting with the fact that I am a total introvert and am totally not good with crowds. I’m a homebody – I like my jammies and my slippers. I’m a wash my face, moisturize and go kind of gal. Now I have to start spending an extra hour a day doing my hair and putting on makeup? UGH … Sigh!

Seriously! It really is that dramatic sometimes. But here’s the deal! I do have a dream that I want to make come true. And to get there, I really need to step outside of this happy, comfortable bubble I have let myself build up over the past several years.

My ULTIMATE goal is to open my own brick and mortar shoppe! Yep, this has been a BIG DREAM and goal I’ve had since 2000. And its time to kick this dream into high gear and make it happen!

“But, Gypsy, what does this have to do with your desire to help others grow and build their dreams?” you ask. And my answer is EVERYTHING!

I will have an office space to work with clients. I will have retail space to share others’ wares. I will have classroom space to teach others how to set up and work their own websites! Told you it was a BIG DREAM!

AND I AM GOING TO MAKE MY DREAMS COME TRUE! With baby steps, of course! 

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be sharing those baby steps with you 😉

Here’s a sneak peak!

I am looking forward to doing more guest webinars and teleseminars this year with some pretty amazing people. I am in the planning stages of creating a local meetup group of some pretty amazing Spokane women who are supporting my desire to open a kick-ass fabulously amazing holistic/new age/ pagan shop that EVERYONE will love. Yep, even those that follow a book religious path will love my shoppe.

I’m putting the final pieces together for my first signature program, which will also be the basis for my first local “in-person” class that I am hoping to be able to offer in March. It is amazing how many people here in Spokane are actually interested in my “class idea”! They really have encouraged me to kick it up a notch and get the course materials done ;D

Now get off your own duff, pop that comfort bubble of yours and start creating the momentum to make your dreams come true!!

What dreams or goals do you have planned for this awesome 2013?

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