One of many logo designs for Gypsy's TreasuresOkay, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to anything I do! That is including web design, customizing Word Press themes and even my business cards.

With this particular blog, my logo was not the first thing I had designed. I actually spent far too much time trying to find a WP theme that I liked and that was easily customizable. The logo and customization came later.

That is not my norm when I design blogs or websites, but I was pretty determined to get myself back into the “loop” and putting myself back online after a year of “sabbatical”.

It surprises me how many people out there don’t even bother with designing a logo for their blog. Most people just pick a theme they like and use the standard Title and Tag line in their dashboard for their logo. I’m not saying that is a bad thing, but I find designing a “header” or logo that is more personal to you and your blog to be so much more … PERSONAL!!!

What do you need to do this? Well, at least a couple of hours with no interruptions — I call this “ME time”. With an infant, 2 teenagers, husband and pets (and my 2 adult children), you can bet I don’t have much of that right now. But if you can make a date with yourself, it definitely goes a little faster πŸ˜‰

I also recommend doing a “story board” first. Many people like to use their favorite image program (PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, etc) to create a story board. I like good old fashioned paper and a pencil to start πŸ˜‰ By story board, I mean draw out what you want in a sketch. I also do this when I design websites and when I am customizing Word Press themes.

Story board for Logo - part 1

Because this is for a personal blog — essentially a blog about you and does not have anything to do with your business side of life (unless of course you want to blend the two, that is totally up to you) — I say get creative and let your hair down!!! I start listing things on the story board so I get some ideas to play with. Colors, likes, hobbies, what I’m sharing and what I have done. Remember, this is your personal blog logo and you are making some sort of impression of who you are.

Story board for Logo - part 2

Personal logos can be so much fun to design. I tossed the ideas of adding pictures of my family, pets, some crafts I have made in the past, but I reverted to something that I just can’t get away from. But YOU can add a picture of yourself, images of things you enjoy, a cause you support, anything you feel is important to be a constant to people who are reading your blog. After all, your logo really does act like an advertisement about YOU!

Story board for Logo - part 3

The end result is what you see below. My love for graphic design and scrapbooking come out in my finished logo. And the Gypsy I’ve used for years has stayed, also.

another past logo for Gypsy's Treasures

Here’s a sample logo for another blog and project I am currently working on:

a logo for The Witch's Cottage - Where Magick Happens!

And here is a logo I designed for Gypsy Rose Treasures. You can see how I added images of items related (some hand crafted by me and other products that were available in the shoppe).

logo for my online shoppe Gypsy's Rose Treasures

I hope this helps give you ideas on what you can do with your own logo! I’d love to see your results or hear about how you go about designing logos for your blogs!!!


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