Clutter is chaotic, no matter how organized we make it!It’s a well-known fact that if you are surrounded by clutter, it really is harder to concentrate and focus.

When it’s harder to do these two things, it’s harder to get anything done, whether it’s for your business or just your every day life.

Clutter is chaotic, no matter how organized we make it 😉

Today’s Monday Magicks is about decluttering your “work at home” space — both virtually and in real life.

And it’s okay to be of muggle-minds for this 🙂

Here are some baby steps to start with this week.

Virtual Decluttering

    • Clear out your email box — “OMG, Gypsy, have you seen my mail box???” I see that panic in your face LOL My mailbox looks the same. Start with your inbox. I use filters and labels for the important stuff. I unsubbed from the newsletters I no longer read or need. And I sort all read emails that I am keeping into specific folders. OMGosh this is so helpful!!
    • Facebook  — Here’s what I did. I started with games. I don’t play them anymore. I got rid of the game apps and block game requests as I get them. I have been 100% Farmville free since January! YAY! I go through my friends’ list every 4 -6 months or so and unfriend and unsubscribe people I don’t really need there anymore. Yes, this includes real blood family. I try to go through the pages I’ve liked over time as well, but FB has made it not so easy to find that list o.O — note to self: make a screencast of this 😉
    • Twitter — Okay, there are numerous apps and programs out there for this. But, I prefer to do it the long way. I go through my followers and following list and individually get rid of who I no longer want or need. If you have some suggestions, feel free to use the comment box below 😀
    • Groups — If you are no longer active or participate, leave them. If you are an owner/admin and you are no longer active, delete them. If you are a moderator and just don’t want any part of it, resign your position. Then leave the group.

Home Office Decluttering

    • Clean off your desk — file the papers you need, recycle the papers you don’t
    • Update your calendars so the correct month is showing 😉 — seriously … my hubby has one in our bedroom still on February … of 2011 o.O **rolling my eyes and shaking my head** — I am not talking about your business planner, just the calendar on the wall 😉
    • Dust the shelves — this may be a “Captain Obvious” to some, but it really isn’t one for me o.O

It is amazing what these baby steps can do.

It’s even more amazing what these steps can open up for you!

What are some things you do to declutter your space to open yourself up for more awesome goodness from the Powers That Be (what ever path you follow)? I would love to read your tips!

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