Create and amazing 2014!

This has been heavy on my mind this past week!

To “resolution” or not to resolution, that is the question! To set goals and intentions, or not to!

So many posts and newsletters and social media blurbs from all different opinions. Honestly it made my head spin.

No! Seriously! I felt like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. It was crazy!

Then I came across a lovely blog post from a beautiful soul which has totally has inspired this post!

So here’s the deal!

STOP listening to everyone else, turn off the brain noise and figure out what is BEST FOR YOU!!! Remember that video I shared when Chris Evans shared his superhero wisdom? Yeah, I’ll wait while you refresh your memory.

It’s profound and changes everything on SO MANY levels! But THAT is the answer to the question! Seriously!

So today I’m sharing with you what will help you create your amazing year!

7 Ways to Create an Amazing Year

** inspired by Jess Carlson and her “Make 2014 Amazing” post **

1 ~ NO resolutions!

I’m not making any resolutions. I never stick with them. Then I get all yucky mucky inside and feel guilty because I didn’t keep them. So I’m saving myself from that guilt and just not making any.

2 ~ Release! Let go! Don’t like or love it? Dump it!

This is hard. It’s NOT easy! BUT … it will free up so much space and baggage in your heart and in your head!

Release people from your life that just no longer good for you (if they were at all) on your journey into your amazing life you are creating for yourself. This goes for ANY person in your life that drains you of anything — even family. You don’t have to be mean or rude. Just release them in your heart, your mind and your spirit. Send them off, wishing them the best. All those people that just popped into your head when you read this — yeah, THOSE people. Some will be really difficult and some not so much. But when you release them and they no longer have an effect on your personal space (mentally, physically and spiritually), you will feel so much better.

Let go of all that gunky garbage in your head! Seriously! Refer back to Captain America’s profound advice in the link I shared above.

No! Seriously!! Let it all go!

And it’s time to get rid of all that crap in your office, in your house, in your basement, in your bedroom, in your garage, wherever the crap is … GET RID OF IT! Donate it, pass it on or throw it! Just get rid of it! The space you open up physically around you, the more you open up yourself to great things!

Look at your business. If there is something you don’t like or love, DUMP IT! Just let it go and release it. If it isn’t helping you move forward, it’s time to move on.

I know! It’s a lot! But I promise! It will be amazing!

3 ~ State your intentions and goals for 2014.

YES! Intentions and goals ARE DIFFERENT from resolutions. AND if you sit down with your absolutely fabulous self with whatever method works best for you, I guarantee that you will realize that sticking to goals and intentions will be so much easier than those yucky mucky resolutions.

The secret? Break them down into doable and rewardable tasks. This helps you create a daily habit of getting crap done, crossing things off your to-do list AND working towards your bigger goals while at the same time keeping with your intentions for the year! Yeah … that’s a mouthful, but it’s pretty amazing!

4 ~ Boundaries are NOT a bad thing! “Be the bouncer in your life!” – Jess Carlson

Stop letting people into your world that do nothing but drain your energy, frustrate you, and turn you into your worst self. It’s time to put your foot down and treat your whole life like an exclusive nightclub. Only the very best people get past the velvet rope around you. Decide what you want the energy around you to be and create a dress code that people have to abide by if they want in. Do they have to be cloaked in fun, creativity, authenticity, or love? What do they need to bring with them and what do they have to leave at the door? You have the right to decide who gets close to you and who doesn’t….and you have the right to eject people from your garden party when they’re mucking up the place! Take a stand this year by simply keeping in mind that you are a reflection of the company you keep. ~ Jess Carlson — #5 of 14 Things to do to make 2014 Amazing!

I really could not say this any better than her!

5 ~ Create! Create! Create!

PEN in the time to create! Whatever you are good at or not good at, just do it! Create your magick mojo! Want to learn something new? Use this time to do that! My time is going to using the embroidery machine my hubby got for my birthday this past year. Whether you are making stuff to sell or to give away or just to create and learn something new — JUST make time to create!

6 ~ Say NO without the guilt!

This is a hard one, too. But you should not feel guilty about saying no to something or someone for whatever your reason may be. It’s time to take your time back. And it’s time to NOT feel guilty about saying no. If it’s a time constraint issue, let them know. If it’s just not something you want to do, be honest. If it’s something you can’t do, be honest. But you don’t need to feel guilty about it. And if the person tries to make you feel guilty? Yeah … refer to #3 and #4 above 😀 Release them and move on, my friend!

7 ~ As within, so without! – Self care is an absolute MUST!

This is all about self-care, my friends! Every single item on this list really is about self-care. It’s about doing what is BEST FOR YOU and what will help you move forward and create your absolutely #^@+!*& amazing 2014! Taking care of yourself helps you, in turn, to take care of those around you. This includes your personal life and business life.

Be gentle with yourself. Create time in your schedule for just you.

Do yoga. Go for a walk. Put on lipstick. Buy a new outfit (even if it’s from the thrift store). Put on silly socks. Wear a tiara. Put on mucky (rain) boots and a tutu and dance around the house … or better yet in your front yard! Drink more tea! Start drinking green smoothies. Make a coffee date with a friend … and don’t cancel. You get the idea!

So there you have it! 7 ways to create an amazing year. How are creating your awesome year? What are you doing different this year from last year? Don’t be shy! Use the comment box below!

Please click here to share your thoughts.

Sending lots of luvs and hugs! Gypsy XOXOXO


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