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Blogging with Gypsy ~ WordPress and Blogsite Consulting

Office Hours:

Yep! I have them!

Tuesday – Friday: 10am to 4pm PST

That’s Pacific Time … because I live in Spokane, Washington, US.

Sorry, Folks! No weekends!

ALL messages through any contact form throughout Blogging with Gypsy site, will be answered between 24 to 48 hours. That means if you send a message on Friday, you may not hear from me until the following Wednesday. So please don’t keep sending me messages if I don’t answer right away.

I’d love to hear from you!

I so enjoy getting emails from real people doing awesome things, being authentic and sharing their true purpose! My email address is:  Gypsy [at] bloggingwithgypsy [dot] com

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I may be able to help. Please use the form to the right. All messages are answered within 24 – 48 hours. See business hours above.

If you’re a client trying to get a hold of me, you already know the quickest ways to reach me and if I haven’t answered your message yet, there’s probably a good reason. Just be patient. The World is not ending. I promise!

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Struggling with your blogging?

Feeling frustrated and disorganized with blogging for your business?

Don't know what to write about or how often to post? Staring aimlessly at the computer screen because writing by the seat of your pants just isn’t working? Looking for help with being more organized and consistent with publishing content to your blog? Wishing you had more readers, traffic and leads to your ideal clients?

I can help you create your ideal blogging schedule that best fits your business, brainstorm ideas and topics for posts, and put together a 30 day action plan to keep your blogging consistent, organized and on track.

Blogging with Gypsy ~ WordPress and Blogsite Consulting

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