What you focus on grows!How often to you check your blogsite stats? Have you ever checked them? Do you even have any idea of what you should even be checking?

Depending on how you use your site, the types of things you need to track are going to be different. But today we will stick with the basic things you should track regularly. I will just go barebones basic with this list because there are a lot of you whose eyes just totally glazed over and said “HUH???”

And I totally understand! LOLz

Why keep track, you may be wondering.

When you focus and pay attention to something, it grows, expands, increases.

Okay! There’s more than just writing down the numbers. Just to be clear here. YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK in order to grow, expand and increase those numbers. But that’s for a different post 😀

So let’s get started!

The first thing you need to do is figure out how often you want to check your stats. If you don’t already do it regularly, I suggest once a week. Pick a day and a time, PEN IT INTO YOUR PLANNER or put it in your calendar with an alert that goes to your email and your smartphone or tablet.

It will only take you about 15 minutes or less. I check my stats every Monday morning.

List of Blogsite Stats to Check

Email List

Alexa Rank:

US (or country your live in)

Google Analytics:

Visits (Sessions)
Unique Visitors (Users)
% New Visits (Sessions)
Pages Per Visit (Session)
Time on Site (Avg. Session Duration)

RSS Subscribers

Social Media Networks:


Why these things, you may wonder.

Your email list is very important. The bigger your list, the more people who see your newsletter or other mailings. And that means more new clients. Let’s face it! We want people to invest in our offerings and when you cultivate your email list, you will be attracting more of your ideal client.

I check my Alexa Rank because I like to see where my site ranks in the whole scheme of the Interwebz. Sometimes I like to compare it to other sites, too. Alexa has a free plan and premium plans. I don’t use the premium services, but Alexa does has some pretty awesome analytic tools besides those you can find via Google Analytics if you are interested. You can learn more about it and what it means by visiting http://www.alexa.com/.

The seven items I track in Google Analytics right now are pretty basic. However, over the past year or so they have changed the wording. For example, visits are now sessions and visitors are now users. I have included the GA terms in parentheses above. To make it easy for me I created a customized dashboard with these 7 items so all I have to do is log in, click on the dashboard and write down the numbers.

I don’t focus on growing my RSS feed subscribers but I do know a lot of people use the feeds. So I track them. I use Feedburner. All I do is open it up and check the RSS subscribers. Nothing complicated.

Last on the list are my social media networks. Okay, I personally do not use LinkedIn anymore. But I did add it to the list, because I know a LOT of people who still use it.

And that’s pretty much it!

Now there are other things to keep track of like conversions, ROI, mobile vs computer, sales … the list could go on forever. And it starts to get way too complicated and gives me a headache. I’m still wading through the GA world. Maybe some day I will master it. But for now, I’m sticking with the basics.

And I do this every Monday.

Okay, I know a LOT of people who obsess about their stats and check them daily. And I admit that sometimes I do check more than once a week. I also know a lot of people who only do it once a month. So whatever floats your boat!

What kinds of things do you like to track with your blogsite?

Please click here to share your thoughts.

Sending luvs & hugs! Gypsy

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