Under ConstructionWow! This past month has been a crazy, chaotic whirlwind of CRAP!!!! But, alas, it seems I have found some sort of peace.

Being a Virgo, I don’t do chaos or toxic well. I am also very empathic, which means that other people’s energies somehow find a way to attach to me and project their own icky, toxic “negative waves”. o.O

And it does not matter if it’s virtual or in real life 🙁 So, over the past 2 weeks or so I have done some spiritual spring cleaning.

There just comes a time when you have to say ENOUGH! And I did. And I feel FINE!!! ** now REM is in my head LOL **

I’ve cleaned out my Facebook “friend” list — yep, even got rid of some blood. We may not have a choice to be related, but I do NOT have to be friends with you on Facebook!

I also cleaned out my Twitter. WOW — talk about useless followers. **insert eye roll here**

I’ve finally come to terms with letting go of several groups. That was hard, but it’s done.

And in the end, the toxic levels have lessened and some of the chaos has lifted, making room for new and awesome things to come! YAY

June is finally here, which means the Summer Solstice is coming upon us. I am thinking a family lunch bbq is in need of planning!

It also means summer vacation for all of us mums with kiddos in school and graduations, too! My #2 daughter is graduating this year! YAY! We are so so SO proud of Josephina! She has worked very hard and it’s paid off tremendously!!

So .. LOOK OUT WORLD!! Gypsy has plans and goals!

Blogging w/ Gypsy’s VERY first newsletter will be going out to all my fabulous readers in 2 weeks.

Amidst the crappy toxic chaos, an awesome and amazing idea was birthed. And with that idea, I finally finished a special “gift” to share with everyone who signs up for my newsletter 😉

There will be a lot of cosmetic updates to the blog this week — stuff that has been needed to get done that just got put on the back burner! But it’s time to start kicking butt on this to-do list! **insert my Xena Warrior cry**

It’s time to kick that toxic, negative nellie monster in the ass and GET IT DONE!!!!

photo credit: susan402 via photo pin cc

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