Sunday Musings with Gypsy ~ Celebrating Mabon

Celebrating Mabon ~ the 7th Sabbat in the Pagan Wheel of the Year and the start of the second harvest season. It is the equivalent to Thanksgiving for non-Pagans/Muggles.  It is also the Autumn (Fall) Equinox — yep, that means the nights are now going to get longer the days will get shorter.

I did not get to spend much time outside like I wanted to this year. Our little guy is getting his eye teeth finally, and with teething, sadly he gets a cold as well 🙁 And Spokane WA has been under an air quality alert due to fires in mid-state and to the northwest of us. Spokane is in a valley, or rather a bowl and we spend a lot of the summers here in “stagnant air” warnings. So the fires, ash and winds just compound that effect. So, needless to say, I stayed indoors with Bubby.

I spent the morning “decluttering” my kitchen … mostly LOL I still have a little bit to go. Results and photos (egads, I cannot believe I’m sharing) will be coming in a post tomorrow or Tuesday 🙂 I made some yummy guacamole with some delicious tomatoes from the vine — not mine though. And enjoyed some snuggle time with Bubby.

No more gray! Woo Hoo!While he took his afternoon nap, I did something I hadn’t done in a LONG time. I colored my hair! Okay — I will admit that I am not coming to terms very well with my hair getting gray in it. Sorry … not embracing my Silver Lioness just yet! Having just turned 43 on Sept 2nd, I’m just not ready to accept some of the things come with getting older. Gray hair is Numero Uno on my list!

This picture doesn’t really show the color, but its a really dark red and with my already really dark hair, the only place you can see the color is where all my gray is! **rolling my eyes** Oh well … the things we do when vanity comes to play! HAHA

While I wasn’t able to spend Mabon the way I had originally planned, the day turned out pretty well. I got to enjoy a favorite treat (I love avocados). Bubby slept long enough for me to not only color my hair but rinse it out as well! LOL I swear it takes just as long to rinse it out as it does for it to set! o.O

For those interested in learning more about Mabon, as a Pagan Holiday, there’s a lot of information online. There are also a LOT of books written about the subject. One of my favorite Pagan Witchy authors is Ellen Dugan — check out her book called Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon on Amazon.

Did you get to enjoy your Autumn equinox as you wanted? Or did the Powers that be have other plans? I’d love to read your own musings!

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